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Competition in the hospitality industry is already high in Canada. And it is going more competitive business day by day. So, the inability to provide personalized guest experiences may cost you heavily. But the real question is, how is your hotel going to do that? Is it by increasing human resources? That may spike your yearly budget graph. So, it is wise and smart to do this by taking the help of technology. Yes, by integrating hotel operations and automating those with the help of hotel management software, your hotel manager can save so much time that it provides him or her with a focus on the improvement of guest staying experience. And the best part is hotels don’t need to increase its workforce at all.


Now you have a question in your mind that which company has the best hotel management software in Canada? Without any doubt, it is Nanovise. It is the most advanced hotel management software in Canada. To remain competitive, hoteliers need to install this software. Nanovise hotel management software includes booking process, on-property interaction with the hotel staff, in-room experience, point of sale, employee management, inventory management, account, and many reports that give a clear view about hotel operations and scope of improvement. With its help, the hotel simultaneously operates multiple departments and activities of its inhouse businesses smoothly and cost-effectively, avoiding any human error.


Nanovise hotel management system (HMS)


Nanovise hotel management system (HMS) is the application for the operation of accommodations businesses. Nanovise hotel management software, allows hotels to organize, schedule, and perform the day-to-day functions and transactions of different hotel departments in real-time sync. It helps property owners and managers monitor all the activities like collection of payments and details, property maintenance, and more.


Our software enables hotel businesses to optimize their front-office capabilities by replacing time-consuming manual paper and spreadsheet processes. Nanovise HMS helps with reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, room rates management, and billing. Nanovise hotel management software’s essential function is the automation of the common front-office and administrative tasks like reservation, front-desk operations, housekeeping, and room service.


Here we will discuss the three essential features of Nanovise hotel management software.  


Front-desk operations 


This module allows the hotel to check guests in and out, track room allocation, manage room-related requests, process and track payments, and issue receipts. Front-office staff can also get information about all current and upcoming reservations.


Revenue management and strategy


Nanovise hotel accounts module provides a secure and straightforward interface for tracking, managing, and analyzing all department payments. It helps track and manage outstanding amounts. Our hotel management system also helps hoteliers understand how to modify the processes to achieve better results and control finances.


Customer data and customer relationships management 


Thanks to this module, hotels can keep in touch with their customers before, during, and after their stay. CRM is integrated with the check-in and reservation systems that collect and organize guest contact information and other data. And the best part is this database of guest information can help hoteliers develop marketing strategies to generate more revenue from the existing client base.

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