Best Inexpensive Animation Programs for Mac

Animation assists in developing and manipulating pictures and helps in presenting them as moving images. Sometimes an animator draws an image or a sketch to represent it in moving art. Nowadays, most of the animations are developed through CGI. To experience the development process of such animations, Mac users can refer to some of the most accessible and inexpensive animation software.

Moho 2D Animation Studio

Moho Animation Studio is an affordable 2D animation software which offers a 30-day free trial. It is a low-cost 2D program which helps in creating professional animations as it includes frame by frame editing.

SmithMicro’s Moho 2D Animation offers two separate programs which include “Moho Debut ” and ” Moho Professional.” Both offer a 30 day trial to make the user familiar with the tools and functions available in the program.

  • Moho Debut is a basic animation software and is liable for any age group. It includes powerful tools for users to create desired projects. Still, users can also refer to numerous tutorial videos to learn the proper use of the available tools. If a user wishes to purchase this program, then it can be availed within 100$.
  • Moho Professional is a superior software which enables its users to access the diverse range of useful tools like Bezier handles, motion blur and other such valuable functions which helps a developer in creating their required custom meshes shape.

Cheetah 3D

If you are not willing to opt for challenging animation program and instead require a basic software that can assure reliable 3D output, then Cheetah 3D software can be your ultimate destination. Although Cheetah 3D does not feature any over the top tools or utilities, still it would be utterly wrong to consider this program to be inferior in any sense.

It is much more suited to consider this software to be beginners paradise as they can learn all the basics of animation by using different tools. Although a user can download and use the program for free, if they wish to save their animated files, then they will have to purchase the software. So this program is best suited to learn the basic principles and utility of 3D animation and explore the possibility that an animator can achieve.


If you are in search of a much more professional and industry standard animation software, then it is quite viable to choose the Poser animation software. It lets you explore the diverse range of tools functions and features that an industry standard animation software feature.

Poser offers two versions of animation programs, namely Poser and Poser Pro. Poser includes primary editing tools and functions that enables its users to create dynamic 3D images with realistic quality.

On the other hand, Poser Pro lets its users to create industry-standard high-resolution animations with a diverse range of tools and utility features to customize the animation as per the designer’s requirements. Still, the Poser Pro software is expensive and should only be considered if you wish to create professional animations.

Toon Boom Harmony

Mainly the Toon Boom Harmony avail its users with professional class tools and services which allows a designer to insert any style or effect. Toon Boom Harmony is a different platform which avails three different software for specific users. This not only helps an individual to select from an appropriate program type which suits all the requirements of the user but it also helps in ensuring that all the required tools suit the user preference and project style.

  • Harmony Essentials: It is a more significant level of animation software which is best suited for users who are learning animation or just want to explore the peripherals of animation. It includes entry-level tools for drawing like brush and pen with user-friendly panels to ease the editing process.
  • Harmony  Advanced: If an individual requires some professional tools and features to include mesh or effects and mold the structure of the picture, then Harmony Advanced is an excellent option to choose from. It can be used by teachers, freelancers, and animation enthusiasts.
  • Harmony Premium: It is a pro-grade program which enables an individual to create professional animation clips and movies. It is quite an expensive software in comparison to others. Still, it avails its users with every needed tool and feature to create desired projects.

By referring to the list mentioned above, an individual can choose the best animation software for their use. It is best recommended to select the software which avails all the necessary tools and functions which suit their animation project. Hopefully, now users will be able to choose an optimal animation program and that to at an affordable price and create their desired projects with great ease.


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