Best Injectable Therapy for Piles in Ghaziabad: Piles Fistuls Clinic

Dr. Anuj Tyagi [A Piles Fistula clinic] centre

If you are searching Injectable Therapy for Piles in the right way!

So no need to worry now, because Dr. Anuj Tyagi comes in between us, who has a great experience of 12 years, trusted by thousands of people. Excellent service with very polite behavior of the doctor.

Lovely ambience and standardized treatment protocols.


Moreover, we provide injectable treatment for piles. It is painless office procedure. You can get discharged after 1 hour of injectable treatment in day care and can get to work very quickly. But if you visit our clinic in the early days.

We give this medicine in the route of piles and after 15 to 25 days piles get shrink off. that’s why this teqnice make it really infective and painless. but if you come in early days when your piles at 1st and 2nd grade.

This Non Surgical Piles Treatment is also very useful in old age patient or which are not fit for surgery or anesthesia for piles.

The clinic offers best in class care for patients with dedicated gender specific care.

Contact Dr. For the better and faster treatment.

Dr. Anuj Tyagi [A Piles Fistula clinic] in NCR ghaziabad.

Whatsapp: 9873890962


P – 86 Sec. Sanjay Nagar Ghaziabad.

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