Best IRS Tax Resolution Software Tools for Impress Your Clients

You’ve got dozens of clients and they all have different needs. Many financial and legal professionals have developed systems for managing tasks and deadlines to keep track of everything and get everything done on time. This strange system often involves multiple to-do lists, whiteboards on every wall, and sticky notes everywhere.

You’ve probably learned the hard way that, while using a system like this may appear efficient enough, it’s a very uncertain and stressful way of working. The best tax IRS tax resolution software includes multiple reports and functionalities to streamline client services. Here are some reports, functionalities, and tools that will help you save time and increase client trust and satisfaction:

Download bulk transcripts

Get ready to say goodbye to time-consuming one-on-one client status inquiries and chaos caused by a lack of timely updates. Whenever you connect to eServices through the IRS solution, the ultra-fast API connects to the IRS resolution software and notifies you of any changes to your client transcript. You will receive push notifications of updates including potential audits, potential first-time abatement opportunities, CAF approval acknowledgments, and alerts that the IRS has certified a passport as seriously delinquent.

CSED support

Data shows that the longer time passes, the less likely the IRS resolution software will take action. You can use this information to your client’s benefit, but be aware that certain actions, such as submitting an OIC application, will trigger those collection statute expiration dates (CSED). IRS Solutions calculates the CSED expiration date each time you download an account transcript.

Elegant communication

Understanding the forms and jargon around a tax resolution is no problem for you but you see how overwhelming it can be for a client who is already dealing with the concerns of a tax issue. Serving clients in crisis means that tax resolution professionals hold many hands.

Instead of allocating this time to revenue-generating tasks, you’ll spend it explaining complex IRS transcripts to stressed clients. IRS Solutions helps you share information with your clients or their bankruptcy attorney by converting transcript information into beautiful built-in reports that are easy to read and understand.

Client Portal

You’re not the only one who can log into IRS Solutions. Your clients will have their login credentials so you can easily exchange information through our client portal, white labeled with your brand at no extra charge.

Simple solutions for offers in compromise

Guiding a client through the OIC process is a routine task for tax resolution professionals but the process is complex and success can be elusive. The acceptance rate of offers in compromise has been around 30% in recent years. While 300 might be a pretty good batting average for a ballplayer, it also means that the odds are stacked against you submitting to the IRS. You need to do everything you can to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

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