Best Kiritsuke Knife – What You Must Know Before Buying One!

The effort that you spend to shop the best Kiritsuke knife must be maintained once you have owned this favorite knife of yours! From its upkeep to its proper use, the Kiritsuke knife must be maintained properly so that it serves you well for a long duration of time. If you love cooking the Japanese recipes or looking to get precise results in cooking like neat fish slicing and more, you must get the best Kiritsuke knife. However, before buying one, you should have at least the basic knowledge about this wonderful knife. So let us enhance our knowledge on the same!

Best Kiritsuke Knife – A Brief Intro

A Kiritsuke knife is a popular traditional Japanese knife which is mostly used by professional executive chefs around the world. The knife is known for its superb results and performance when used through the right technique. If you are a beginner, you might find it a bit difficult to use this knife initially, however, once you have mastered the technique, you would soon become a fan and admirer of this amazing knife. This knife is used for a variety of cutting purposes including the slicing of meat as well as cutting and chopping veggies, fruits, herbs, etc. It is also worth knowing that this knife is made and forged using the traditional Japanese knife making methods. The incessant efforts and tough procedure in the making of this knife lead to great results in form of a tough and durable knife. The making process also involves rigorous heating as well as hammering which provides robustness and durability to the knife.

The Beginners Must Learn to Use Kiritsuke Knife with Patience

As we mentioned earlier, this knife needs patience. The new chefs or the cooking enthusiasts must have patience while learning to use this knife. There is a special technique to use this knife which involves the right foot posture, the proper handle grip, and also the right movement of the knife. One needs to learn all these elements properly in order to receive the best results from the best Kiritsuke knife. It is best to learn the technique from an experienced and talented senior chef who would explain the way to use this knife in detail. Using the knife without proper guidance can lead to risk or injuries.

How to Take Care of Your Kiritsuke Knife?

The Kiritsuke knife, like any other knife, requires proper maintenance and care. Some of the important tips are mentioned below:

  • Clean your knife after every use. It is best to use a mild, good quality liquid dishwash soap and lukewarm water to clean your knife.
  • Once you have rinsed your knife well, make sure to dry it completely with a soft cloth.
  • Always keep the Kiritsuke knife in a good knife stand so that any extra water can easily drip away.
  • Though, these knives work perfectly for a long period of time, it is advised that after a few years of use, you must sharpen its blade using the sandpaper.

Taking care of all above tips will help you use your best Kiritsuke knife properly for the years to come!

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