Best Kontakt Vocal Libraries in 2020

Kontakt is a software sampler that is used by scores of sound designers and music junkies in the world of music production. It is widely appreciated for offering the best features. Whether you are searching for melodious tone or earth-pounding bass, Kontakt has almost everything that a professional music producer may need for a perfect composition. The great thing about this is, you can create or add your own library. If you are looking for some great Kontakt libraries, the list is for you. Just have a glance.

Output EXHALE Vocal

EXHALE kicks off the list. What makes this stand out from others is awesome vocals and effects. It has a good collection of over 500 vocals recorded by professionals. It has FX presets that you can adjust as per your tastes. You can install the library in Kontakt and start composing incredible music. It costs $129. It is compatible with Kontakt 5.1. or higher.

Voices of Rage

Yet another effective vocal library on the list is Voices of Rage. This includes a variety of scary vocals, sounds and effects. It includes almost 100 phrases that can add goodness to your composition. From screaming, screeching, crying to breathing, it includes almost all the effects. It comes with 25 FX effects that can be applied to these vocals. It can work great with any version of Kontakt player. It is available for $52.93.

Mosaic Voices

Mosaic Voices can add sweetness to your melodies. It offers superb vocals that will make their way directly to the listeners’ hearts. It gives you an option to layer multiple vocals so that you can create something new of your choice. It includes fab synth vocals, female choirs and various sorts of vocals. If you want to make your composition more impressive, you can try it out. Mosaic Voices is a superb collection of sweet-sounding vocals that you will surely love. In order to buy it, you may have to cough up $199.

Mercury Boys’ Choir Micro

It is the compact variant of SoundIron full Mercury Symphonic Boys Choir Library. It perfectly captures the youth and purity of a full boy’s choral ensemble. It features 42 staccato along with 42 sustaining marcato. The library is packed with a trio of basic instrument presets. Each preset focuses on a particular type of choral articulation.

The purpose of the list was to make you familiar with the best Kontakt libraries.

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