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Laminar flow covers protect surfaces, products, and materials from particulate contaminants. The room air is filtered through a HEPA filter to preserve the work. Then, laminar flow passes through the cabinet interior. The airflow is designed to remove any particulate that the user has introduced.

A vertical laminar flow hood is necessary to maintain a clean workspace and prevent particulate contamination. To keep the area contaminant-free, constant airflow is maintained.

It is known as a vertical laminar flow hood because of its design and direction of airflow over the surface. Air is pumped downwards from the top of this hood.

Features and benefits

  • Vertical laminar airflow protected from particulates by HEPA/ULPA filtration.
  • High airflow capacity
  • You can configure the product with many options specific to your application.
  • Easy-to-change filters.
  • Available in widths of 2′, 3′ and 4.’

One of the cleanroom benches is the laminated flow hood. You can also call it a laminar flow cabinet. The HEPA filter is located at the top and provides unidirectional laminar flow.

This product is designed for ISO 5 (class 100) environments, and the sample will be protected from contamination by the vertical laminar flow hood. This Laminar flow Hood is used in research, manufacturing, bioscience, food processing, and pharmaceutical production.

Learn more about Laminar Flow Hood

Laminar flow hoods are equipped with primary and HEPA filters. HEPA filters are 99.99% effective for particles smaller than 0.3 microns, and it is highly efficient and low-resistant.

It is a superior manufacturer because it has the best production and test lines. It is a laminar flow hood with a HEPA filter at the top and a flow equalizing film underneath. The film is a unique macromolecular material that stabilizes the airflow, and it’s easy to remove for maintenance.

The stainless steel 304 is used to make the laminar flow hood for sale, and CNC-bending machines create the shape. It is why the inner corners have an arc shape. This shape makes it easy to clean and prevents bacteria from collecting.

You can also opt for electro polishing or brush polishing to treat the surface. It allows the hood to have better resistance to corrosion and a more attractive appearance. The powder epoxy-coated steel is the exterior material.

The table top is made of stainless steel perforated for airflow.

It is essential to have an air blower. The blower provides stable air flow at 0.45m/s.

A vertical laminar flow hood includes a UV-light, differential pressure gauge and a control panel. The both sides are tempered glass panels with sockets for instruments, an anti-dust socket two units, universal tires, and adjustable legs.

Sometimes, it is necessary to provide a safe environment for experiments or other purposes. A vertical laminar flow cover is required to make this happen.

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