Best Laptop Battery Test Software and Diagnostic Tool for Windows 10

The battery in a laptop is essential as it permits the users to prepare the monitor even when it’s not connected to the power source directly. Although the battery’s health does not remain the same always so one should take care of it as well as try to have the handy tool always to check battery health. The web is filled with different types of free tools to check the health of the battery on Windows 10, but it is not easy to know which tool is better. As time passes, you will start noticing that your battery is not properly charging and now it will be obvious for you that the battery life ends. But before you think so, step forward to run some diagnostics. Windows 10 has several latest features, and the Battery Saver Mode is also available. When it is in the active stage, it will protect the battery life by controlling the background activity as well as customizing settings of hardware. It will show the details about the quantity of battery life and the expected time is left. Here is the list of the various best tool that makes things easier for you.


Best Battery Analytic Tools

Here is the list of free battery diagnostic tools:

  • Vista Battery Saver
  • Battery Status Monitor
  • BatteryCare
  • BatteryCat
  • Powercfg Tool
  • BatteryInfoView
  • BATExpert
  • Battery Optimizer


If you need to optimize the activity of the laptop battery with the usage, then BatteryCare is the great option to complete a task. Using the tool, it will inquire users to calibrate battery every time it finishes the particular amount of discharge cycles. As the process completes, the program will memorize last time calibration was made. It will display calibration dates, numbers, and more. For the one who wants to view several data of the battery in one place, then no issues as BatteryCare make the possibility.

PowerCFG Tool

The PowerCFG tool is the in-built feature of the Windows 10, and it is super firm. So you have to execute all the work from the Command line; however, maybe everybody is not involved in working with a tool that requires a graphical user interface. It is friendly to use because it lets users create specific details on the battery. A report is meticulous than what you expect. To create the reports, go to the Command Prompt, then insert the powercfg /battery report and then click Enter.

Now the created reports will be saved to the PC at C:\Users\<username>\battery-report.html.

Battery Optimizer

It is the freeware that may run the advanced diagnostics as well as testing and provides suggestions on how you can utilize the extra use of the battery. It will also inform you about the state and health of the battery.

Battery Status Monitor

It is the battery stage observe and the power managing app. It will show the floating widget on the screen.

Vista Battery Saver

If users are about serious Windows users, then you may want to check the freeware convenience that is it. The small program declares to save 70% of the battery by stopping several Windows features, and it works on Windows 10,8,7.


It is the type of application that helps users to imagine the condition of the battery. It is an easy program that can run on every kind of laptop. It is the free observing tool that enables you to get an idea of the recent stage as well as the facts of the battery.


it is another type of battery observing or health device of the laptop.


It transfers the collection of data about the battery; however, what it focuses on is the 2 components of it. The first screen will display the details about the  Full battery Capacity, Designed Capacity, Number of charge, Battery Health, and discharge cycles along with the other stuff. The second screen will display the details about the event time of charge and discharge with the power stage. Always keep in mind that whenever you continue or suspend the battery, the logline will be created. Moreover, the choice is to export the battery details for further printing or whatever you require it for.

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