Best Marijuana Clubs in Barcelona

Welcome to the bandwagon of coffee and cannabis lovers.

We welcome all the people who are planning to visit a Cannabis Club in Barcelona and searching for a helping hand to make the process easier. We closely work with some of the top-ranked clubs in the city, and we can help you to become a legal member of one of the premium Cannabis Clubs anytime.

Ways to Join a Cannabis Club Barcelona

Now, you can join a Cannabis Club anytime. We have made it easy for individuals who want to become a member of a Cannabis Club. Visit the website, fill the membership form and receive your invitation shortly.

  • Replenish the membership form.
  • Get ready to receive an invitation through at your registered email ID
  • Read the guidelines carefully
  • Visit the recommended Cannabis Club with the invitation code and become a member

Are You Eligible?

Have a look at the criterion required to own membership at one of the premium Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. Best Marijuana Clubs in Barcelona

The person should be more than 18 years old.

He or she should be a responsible user of marijuana.

Please come with a legal ID proof like passport, national identity card, driving license or anything relevant.

You have to pay the standard fee of membership, which is ONLY 20€.

You have to pay the membership fee at reception even if you do not smoke.

Show your consent by replying to the invitation email.

Make sure you understand the importance of having common sense and manners.

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