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A survey puts up the statement that an average human spends one-third of his life on bed. A sound sleep is a good sign that your body is healthy because sleep is the time when your body repairs and regenerates itself physically and emotionally. If our body doesn’t get the required sleep every night, then it is endangered to serious problems as it may weaken the body and put stress on it. Thus is the importance of a proper sleep routine in our lives. Mattress plays a major role in our sleep quality. A case study picked up people with sleep problems and offered them a mattress that was suitable for their conditions. In 90 days all of them reported feeling better after their mattress has been changed. 

  Peps, the pioneers in mattress making have made a sleep revolution by making mattresses that cater to each one’s needs. Mattress zone, the best mattress shop in Chennai believes in making your sleep life easier by offering the most comfortable mattresses at the most affordable prices. We care for our customers and that is why we prefer and recommend peps to all our customers.

What do we offer in the Mattress zone?

    We are the one certified dealer of peps mattresses among around 200+ dealers providing mattresses in Chennai.

     At Mattress zone, we provide a solution for all your sleep needs under one roof, may it be the mattress, pillows, and other sleep accessories like fitted bed sheets, bedcovers, etc. We are the right place for you, to get Peps mattresses either in bulk or in retail. May it be for your beautiful homes or hostels or hotels or hospitals this is the place where you can bet on their quality and smoothly negotiate with their rates. In Mattress zone, the best mattress shop in Chennai, Customers are our priority and their satisfaction is our credibility.

Best Mattress shop in chennai


These mattresses are the popular picks of our customers:

  • Peps Restonic mattress: This internationally patented mattress from Peps provides a perfectly comfortable mattress to rest in a world of strenuous jobs and ever-demanding effects of home life and relieves us of mind-numbing strain.
  • Peps double-decker mattress: A premium mattress from the Peps brand is made of a hybrid of latex from Holland known for its softness. It offers zero disturbance to people sleeping on it along with forcing the body heat out of the mattress providing high breathability. it dissipates heat evenly and prevents the body from getting heated up.
  • Peps Organica:  This mattress is best for people who prefer organic make mattresses. Made from 100% chemical-free bio cotton. It is best for people who suffer from allergies and rashes as it is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic for comfort around the year.
  • Peps spine guard mattress:  This revolutionary memory foam mattress with medium firmness can support your back well providing you with a good night’s sleep. It supports your natural curves and aligns with your sleep position. Wake up fit with this perfect solution for your body aches and tiredness.

Delivery options are possible in these pandemic times:

   In Mattress zone, the best mattress shop in Chennai, we believe in the fruits of punctuality and we are on time with our delivery as we have a strong delivery network throughout Tamil Nadu. Despite the bad pandemic times, we yearn to deliver our products without excuses. Our informed workforce works dedicatedly to deliver the products as customers are our priority and we work for their satisfaction.

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