Best Money Making Apps for Android

Making money online is not as difficult as you think. The list of the best Android apps will really make earning money easier for you.While these apps won’t make you a millionaire, they will help you earn a few bucks.  Now is the time to catch a glimpse of the best Android apps that may help you mint money online.


How good it is if you can earn money by playing games, watching videos, and viewing ads! Yes, you read it right. Cointiply makes it possible for you. Thanks to Cointiply, you can earn money in an easy way. All you have to do is just download the app and complete the task and get money. Keep it in mind that you won’t get cash directly. You get Bitcoins which may later be converted into cash. It’s a very great app to earn money. If you are sitting bored at home, you should devote your spare time to Cointiply and earn money. The Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.



Swagbucks is the best Android app that helps you earn money in less time. The great thing about Swagbucks is, it gives you more earning than other apps. To earn money on Swagbucks, just complete a small task that the application assigns you and get your earning. The app contains a few activities that can be carried out in order to earn money. You can take part in the desired activity. On this Android app, you can earn money by playing video games, watching videos, answering questions, and participating in the surveys. Earning money is now easier with the help of Swagbucks.


It’s time to have a look at Playment which is the most interesting Android app. On this amazing Android app, you can choose a task and complete it to earn money. If you want to earn money online in an interesting way, Playmate may be the right choice for you. It verifies your number and ensures that the money goes to the right person. The great thing about it is, it gives you several points just for joining. The Android app is a fantabulous app that may help you earn a few bucks just sitting at home. You should give it a try.


By now, you have come across a lot of Android money making apps. It is time to have a look at Perk. Perk is the favorite of many because it gives you a simple task to do. On your Android phone, you can complete a task and make money in an easy way. Perk offers you rewards points which you can later convert into cash. You can watch videos and play video games and visit websites to earn money. There are many activities that you can do in order to mint money online. The best thing to say about Perk is, it lets you earn money just by watching videos on your Android phone. If you have been searching for the least effortless ways to mint money, you should look no further than Perk. Perk is a popular platform among those who love minting money online.


MooCash has its own interesting way to help others earn money. If earning money had been so simple, everyone would have been a billionaire. With the help of MooCash, you can earn money by using the screen locker. This free screen locker pays rewards to users just for unlocking their mobile screens. You can swipe left to claim an offer and earn money. MooCash adds points to a user’s account. The points can be redeemed into cash via PayPal or Google Reward. To earn more, you can download the apps and watch videos suggested by the app. It is a great Android app that may help you make money. If you are finding ways to mint money in your spare time, MooCash may be the one that matches your choice.

Walk and Earn

You may not ever have heard about such a great app that gives you an opportunity to earn money and keeps you healthy. Yes, you read it right. This is the awesome app that makes you not just healthy but rich too.  Walk and Earn is based on the concept of getting paid for a walk. On this Android app, you can earn money by just walking. This app gives you 1 point if you walk 100 steps. The more you walk, the more chances of earning you have. This app is really worth appreciation. This is the first great app on Google Play Store that does the excellent job of both keeping you healthy and helping you earn money.

This app may help you earn a good amount of money if you are good at walking and love walking. If you are a lazy guy, it is right to stay away from this app.


If you take interest in photography and are looking for ways to make passive income, you should take advantage of Scoopshot from now onwards. This fabulous app pays you for the photos that you upload to the site. Your photos and pictures are used by most of the companies and organizations that pay you a good amount of money. You should be ready anytime to capture the moments. Nobody knows what historic moment is going to take place. if you capture a photo of such a moment, you are most likely to get paid a huge sum of money. All these apps above may help you mint money. With the help of these apps, most of the guys are minting money sitting at home. All these best money making apps may fetch you a good amount of money with the least effort.

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