Best Mortise Door Lock Solutions for Businesses


A door lock is a device that can be operated to secure or latch a door, usually fitted to the external side of the doorframe. Business doors commonly use mortise locks and cabinet locks.

The benefits of using a mortise door lock include: better security and protection, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced building aesthetics. A business mortise lock improves security by preventing unauthorized entry into buildings in which this type of fixture is installed. It protects buildings from theft with separate locking mechanisms for each individual viewing panel.

Mortise locking systems typically utilize automatons such as deadbolts with operational positions such as locked/unlocked or closed/open for manual operation control by authorized people only. For additional security, some models have deadbolts that can detect a fingerprint for a certain time, while others have a remote locking system with an alarm going off for an added layer of security. The operating mechanisms of these locks are more advanced and user-friendly than the traditional lever-operated locks used in homes, requiring less pressure on the button to open or close it.

In addition to improved security and energy efficiency, mortise door locks also benefit from being aesthetically pleasing devices on exterior doors. Many people prefer to view their surroundings through visible windows in addition to indoor doors; therefore, historically mortise locks were installed on the exterior sides of businesses for visible appeal (e.g. the inside of a store would have a lever lock).

In order to gain access from an exterior door, you can choose from keyless entry mortise locks or mortise locks with keys. In the US, both types are available as part of the ADA standards for individuals with disabilities. Although there is no standard specification for door mechanics in Australia, it is best practice to choose a lock with lever-operated handles and cylindrical key operation form. It is important to identify which form of operation suits the individual needs of the business, as they also have a different dramatic impact on its energy efficiency.

In terms of visual aesthetics, mortise locks combine industrial design and modern industrial technology to create a fashionable and modern door that enhances a building’s overall architecture. This can be implemented in a wide range of building types, including industrial buildings, office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores.

Some companies have taken advantage of advances in technology to create less expensive models with cutting-edge features like LED lighting and intelligent design. These new designs make it possible for businesses to customize their own locks without the prohibitive costs associated with prefabricated models.

In the US, the ADA is a federal law that applies to businesses and government agencies. It requires all doors in which handicapped individuals will have access to to meet certain accessibility requirements. In order for this requirement to be met, locks must include a power-operated interlock, a hold-open latch with a significant gap between the door and the panel, and an accessible locking mechanism with an automatic locking feature that can be released by means of a key or electronic button located on the inside of the door.

Before purchasing a mortise lockset for your business, you must first assess whether your new building or facility complies with this standard. In order for a lock to meet ADA requirements, it must have the following features:

An interlock is a device that can be operated in three ways: lock, unlock, and alarm. This particular type of door lock is used by businesses and government agencies to prevent unauthorized access. These locks are often used on doors with access to hazardous or expensive materials and equipment, and can also be used on doors with public contact such as patient rooms.

Hold-open locks are simply levers that open the door but keep it from opening any further without the key. The main benefit of this locking style hinges on its security; there is no way to open access doors without having access keys.

Accessibility locks are the most common form of door hardware required by the ADA. They can be installed on both swinging and sliding doors. To comply with this regulation, these locks must always be accessible from the interior of the building, even if they are installed on external doors or windows.

The most common types of accessibility hardware are knob locks or lever locks that require minimal force to open or close them. To ensure compliance with ADA standards, one of these locks must be installed on all exterior doors that are directly accessible by handicapped individuals.

It is important to identify which type of commercial mortise lockset is best for your business or facility before making a purchase.

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