Best MS Word Features That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Microsoft Word and Excel are the two most commonly used office utility tools in the world. The Microsoft Word is a document creation/editor tool that comes packed with a ton of features. Many of us must already be familiar with “Clippy”, but we barely get to hear about features like “Pilcrow” or “Widow Lines”. In this list, we’re mentioning some of the most useful lesser-known Microsoft Word features that you may not know about.

Shortcut to Convert Tables into Graphs

Visual elements can enhance the readability of a data-set exponentially. A data visualization graph/chart is always preferred over a table containing the data. This feature comes extremely handy in converting a table into a chart when there’s not a lot of tabular data. You can create a chart within Word, and there’s no need to move to Excel. You need to go to the Insert tab from the Ribbon and then find the Object drop-down in the Text options. From the drop-down, select Object Dialog Box after which the dialogue box will show up. Now finally select Microsoft Graph Chart under the Object Types list, and then click Ok. Word will display the table data in the form of a column chart. You can also edit the chart as required.

Write Your Own Equations

We all know how useful Excel formulas are. The Equation Editor is a convenient feature in MS Word. It can be found by the name “Equation” in the updated version of Word. You need to go to Insert then click on Equation from the Symbols group. You can now select the option to Insert New Equation. The Equation toolbar will assist you in designing your own equations for advanced maths, chemistry, or physics. You also get the option to insert several widely used equations with just one click.

Carry Multiple Entries in Clipboard

This is one of the most useful features of MS Word that is not known to many. Microsoft uses a shared clipboard for its Office applications which means you can copy a piece of text from Word and then use it to paste in Excel, Powerpoint, or Word itself. You need to press Ctrl+C two times to get to the clipboard panel. At a time the clipboard can hold up to 24 different text entries to be pasted in different Word files or even Excel or Powerpoint files.

Translating Languages

Translating language is made easy by making use of the Microsoft Translator. You can find the Translation option by heading over to the Review tab. You either choose to Translate Selection or Translate Document. If you want to translate a particular sentence, paragraph, or part of the text, you can select the part of the text and then click on Translate Selection to translate it into the desired language. If the whole document needs to be translated, you can select the Translate Document option. Microsoft Translator currently supports all the major languages. You can make use of the sidebar to highlight a word and look for its meaning.

Inspecting Documents

Collaboration is one of the most prominent features of MS applications; however, you need to be aware and careful about the security of the documents too. The built-in document Inspector can examine your Document for any information that needs to be kept private. When a user creates or edits any document, some information automatically gets added to the Word file. This information may not be visible but is present within the file. Document Inspector can help you in taking a look at these types of data and wipe them before sharing or collaborating with others.

You need to go to the File tab then select Info. Click on the Check for Issues option under Inspect Document, and you’ll be taken over to the Document Inspector tool. It will inspect your Document for any private data, and you will get an option to wipe that data. Add another dimension of functionality to your routine MS Word usage by making use of these immensely useful features. You can also check out the Developer tab on the Ribbon to dig deeper into what Word can do. Now do more with these features and make sure to share these with your peers.


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