Best Musical Instrument Apps for Android, iOS

The advent of smartphones has made it possible to play several instruments on your device. In the past, people had to spend on the instrument they wished to play, but it has now become possible for all music lovers to play almost any instrument on their smartphones.



If you are interested in music but can’t afford an expensive electric guitar or piano, there is no need to worry! Here is the list of some of the best musical instrument apps for Android and iOS devices. All the musical instrument apps are so amazing that you will go crazy about them. Whether you are a fan of classical music or trap music, all your desires will be fed by these awesome musical instrument apps that can be used simply on your smartphone. Take a look at these best musical instrument apps for Android and iOS.

Simply Piano

Kicking off the list of the best musical instrument apps is Simply Piano. If you are a pianist, you will find it great. Simply Piano is a virtual piano that can be installed on your device and played like a real piano. It sounds as if a real piano is being played around you somewhere. The biggest advantage is, you can carry the piano anywhere in your pocket and play anywhere you want. Simply Piano is worth giving a try. This amazing piano app can help you display your talent anywhere. Carrying the bulky piano is not possible, so it may be the best option for you when you are asked to play some melody. If you are a pianist, this app should be installed on your device. This may assist a beginner in learning how to play the piano. Simply Piano is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Pro Metronome

This app was formerly known as the Metronome app. It is now known as the Pro Metronome app. Some may be in two minds about this metronome app and ask why it is used. The metronome app is used to help a beginner to sing to the beats. Most of the singers at the initial stage don’t know how to sing in rhythm. This is the app that helps them do so. Pro Metronome is a professional app that may help you learn how to sing in proper rhythm. It offers excellent features that may help you improve your singing skills in a couple of days. If you are a singer and want to take your skills to the highest level, you should take advantage of this great app. Pro Metronome is a good app, you should try it.

FL Studio

FL Studio is a great app that is available for both Android and iOS users. In the matter of features, FL Studio is great. If you are a beginner and want to know how your voice may sound after being recorded. You can try out FL Studio. This allows you to record your vocals and edit them. This amazing app is highly appreciated for its good work. The amazing app contains a piano, guitar, flute, and many other instruments that you can play on your device. From recording to music composition, almost everything is possible with the help of this app. The app is worth appreciation. Whether you are a musician or a singer, you must give it a try as there is no match for this. It has all the useful features that make it perfect. This is a fab app.

Perfect Piano

Most of the people use this app and appreciate it thanks to its great sound and adjustment settings. It has a good interface that lets you play it with no difficulties. If you are looking for a perfect piano, Perfect Piano is a perfect piano in both name and performance. You should opt for this great piano. The piano is just like a real piano as it has three octaves, too, that let you play according to your preferences. You can adjust settings as you want. There are many paid plugins for this app. You can install a drum plugin, instrument plugin in this app. The great thing about it is, you can save your melody and set them as a ringtone. You can record midi files and import them in any digital audio workstation so that you can use the file to work on your project. Perfect Piano offers more than you may have expected.


On the list of the best musical instrument apps is Bongos too. There are many bongo lovers. If you are one of those Bongo lovers, this great app is going to be interesting. Bongos app provides you entertainment dose and lets you play bongos on your smartphone. The app contains in the region of 16 samples that have been recorded professionally. With the help of the bongo simulator app, You can play bongo anywhere you like. The bongo sounds good as the sample quality is excellent. If you ever have a desire for playing the bongo, this bongo app will feed your desire.

All the musical instrument apps above are popular and widely appreciated. You will likely find them useful.

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