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AIS, Mohali ranks #1 among the top 5 CBSE schools in Chandigarh because of its comprehensive learning structure. Every little detail of how a student feels and what they do in schools is paid attention to and then the syllabus and co- curriculum activates are curated. The care for the every Ambition and maximizing their success for future is what makes us the best school in Mohali.

Teaching Methodology

  • A variety of teaching-learning methodologies, integrated with technology, are used to give students a holistic education making them independent, life-long learners and above all responsible citizens of the globe.
  • Equal attention is given to the development of the body, mind and spirit. Consequently, teachers provide students with the individual attention necessary to help them achieve their goals.
  • An extensive academic programmed is planned and reviewed periodically ensuring that all classes achieve consistently high results.
  • Holistic Development
  • An integrated approach to education is adopted at each level.
  • Developing the SQ-Social Quotient amongst students to enable them to develop and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Developing the EQ-enabling the students to develop a sound emotional quotient.


  • Value-driven environment
  • Multi-level/activity-based
  • Stimulating safe and happy environment
  • Promoting 21st century critical thinking skills
  • Critical thinking and creativity enhancing learning
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation for holistic development
  • Imparting multiple intelligence skills
  • Mentoring and hand holding students for conducive learning environment
  • Use of technology in instructional-led learning
  • Interweaving formative assessment with daily learning

Technology Integrated

Here is how Amity International School, Mohali is technically advanced-

  1. Smart Classrooms
  2. E- library
  3. Audio Visual Labs
  4. Audio- books
  5. Integration of E- Resources in the curriculum
  6. E- books
  7. Language Lab
  8. Updated Computer Lab with latest Hardware and software
  9. Animations and graphic Designing cell
  10. Robotics Lab
  11. STEM technology integrated in the curriculum
  12. Innovation and Incubation Centre

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