Best Offbeat Vape Juice Flavors for Beginners

The huge variety of vape juice flavors is one of the biggest draws of vaping. For vape newbies, however, that same wealth of options can be a bit overwhelming. The goal here is to avert that initial choice paralysis with a selection of slightly offbeat flavors—the ones that wouldn’t necessarily spring to mind as obvious favorites but that are amazing enough to have established cult followings.

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Everyone’s tastes are different, of course, but the following spread of vape juice flavors should have at least one selection in it to get even the most picky vaper excited.


For fans of the exquisite Latin American rice milk and cinnamon beverage, no description beyond the word “horchata” will be necessary to entice. Every experienced vaper has encountered the disappointment of trying a flavor that sounds like it would be excellent and finding that it just doesn’t live up to the hype. Horchata is the opposite of that. There’s something about the flavor profile of sweet rice milk, cinnamon, and vanilla that translates beautifully to the vape juice medium.

Peach Rings

A must-vape for fans of the impulse-buy staple of gas station and grocery store checkouts everywhere. For the uninitiated, peach rings are—true to their name—peach-flavored gummy rings that are a bit sweet, a bit tart, and (for most of us) entirely addictive.

The right peach ring vape juice perfectly captures the essence of these little guilty pleasures, providing an indulgent sweet-and-sour vaporized fix. But the best part about enjoying a peach rings-flavored vape juice is experiencing the addictive flavor without taking in the associated calories or guilt one might be left with after finishing the bag.

Root Beer

This quintessential American soft drink lends itself to being a delicious all-day vape. Root beer itself has a long and storied North American provenance. In fact, Native Americans were brewing medicinal drinks with precursor ingredients of today’s root beer, like sassafras root.

Nineteenth century patent medicines likewise touted the health benefits of the “root beers,” among the most popular being sarsaparilla, sassafras, and birch beer. While the medical benefits of root beer are questionable, its deliciousness is not. A flavorful root beer vape juice will have a good baseline of sarsaparilla and be subtly sweet yet balanced by notes of creamy vanilla.

Cinnamon Roll

What more is there to say about a vape juice that flawlessly evokes the flavor of a fresh cinnamon roll? Vaping this flavored juice is akin to inhaling the buttery, flaky, oven-warm, frosting-laden goodness of an actual cinnamon roll. But, as is the case with peach rings-flavored vape juice, the experience of literally inhaling a cinnamon roll is made that much sweeter by the lack of guilt (and calories) that can accompany figuratively inhaling an actual cinnamon roll.

Green Apple

This vape juice flavor is one that’s going to appeal to fans of green apple and sour apple candies. It’s another example of the sweet-and-sour contrast that really seems to shine in well-balanced, well-steeped vape juices. And that contrast manages to be as pronounced as it is without overpowering the unique, distinct flavor of crisp green apples.

As mentioned earlier, there is no magic bullet for vape juice flavors. Every vaper simply tries different varieties until they encounter the group of favorites that works for them, or the (possibly mythical) all-day vape that they use to the exclusion of all others.

Once flavor preferences have been sorted out, find a reputable vendor offering vape juice wholesale and stock up. And don’t let the vast field of flavor options intimidate you; figuring out your favorite vape(s) is half the fun!

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