Best Online Marketplace Australia

Airseekr is unique in that you do not need to spend hours listing all of the items you have for sale.

If you see a buyer has posted an ad which matches an item you have for sale, you can make an offer; with the price you are asking and photo(s) of the item. Best Online Marketplace Australia

It is all about matching sellers to buyers. The whole purpose is to make it simple for buyers to find what they are looking for, so they do not need to spend hours trawling through a lot of ads.

And for sellers to only spend time on items that buyers are actually interested in.

You won’t have to deal with having wasted time on dead listings, after receiving no offers or sales on other sites and apps. Best Online Marketplace

This is a great opportunity to sell your stock or spare items that do not sell at your market stall, shop on or the other sites and apps you trade on. It is the perfect solution especially when markets and shops are a source of income and they cannot open because of the weather or a natural disaster.

Or you may be an individual who has second-hand items you no longer need and want to sell them instead of throwing them out, or having a garage sale at home, with strangers knocking on your door before the sun is up, hours before the advertised start time.

Airseekr is a new, convenient way to sell your items.

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