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When it is about protecting the workplace, the right door hardware will make a difference in terms of safety and sense of security. Before you replace the handles and knobs, do some homework to educate yourself with the essentials.

Cylindrical Locksets/ Lever Locks

Door handles, locksets, deadbolts, and other components of the door, such as kick plates or pull handles, are all part of commercial door hardware. Of course, there are other accessories available on the market. Some of them are mechanical while some are electrical, available in many varieties, and serve different purposes. When selecting door hardware such as levers, knobs, and locksets, there are a few common fundamentals to bear in mind.

Over several years, building and fire standards have also been put into place to improve the protection of residents of public buildings. Standards and codes have evolved over the years to promote mobility for persons with disabilities, including environmentally safe design materials and procedures, and protect structures against extreme wind and rain, impact, and other critical conditions. So before you choose an online store to buy commercial door hardware, make sure that the products they sell are as per industry standards.

Commercial door locks

Commercial locks and security systems have somewhat different requirements from their household counterparts. In order to satisfy the increased demand for power, logistical stability, and systemic protection in a commercial environment, entrepreneurs and professional handymen must consider buying advanced hardware that the ordinary person might be unfamiliar with.

It is critical to pay careful attention to how your company works in order to choose a lock that is appropriate for your needs. With so many commercial door lock styles to choose from, Park Avenue Locks is a nice place to start. It can help you get your much-needed headstart when it comes to buying commercial door hardware. You should consider the size of your workplace, and also the habits of people that use the workplace.

Choosing the best

Working your way through an endless selection of locks available online is the first step in selecting a new commercial door lock. There’s a lock for every need, from simple padlocks to high-tech automated locks. Although we, as experienced locksmiths, love being vocal about the benefits of locks all day, we recognize that not everybody shares our enthusiasm. Park Avenue Locks can take you through some very popular commercial door lock choices to make selecting the most suitable lock for your business better and easier.

Park Avenue Locks has significant experience working with companies, especially retail businesses. We recognize the importance of keeping your office and its contents safe and stable. Our product range from brands like Stanley, Falcon, and Yale locksets are popular choices among the buyers of commercial door locks. As a retailer, we stay updated with new advances and developments in commercial and residential security and technology. When you have the best online store to buy commercial door hardware on your side, you can be assured that your business is in good hands.

About Park Avenue Locks

Choosing the right door lock for your business or home can be stressful. At Park Avenue locks, we strive to make it as easy as possible by breaking down your options and offering a wide selection to fit your style. Some of our best-selling products include yale locksets, lcn door closers, hes electric strikes, and many more. Get the best door lock brands all in one location for affordable pricing, whether you’re a custom home builder or a homeowner when you shop with us. For all your door locks and accessories, head over to Park Avenue Locks. We offer both residential and commercial door locks at competitive prices and offer free shipping on orders over $49. 

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