Best Operators For Competitive Play in Rainbow Six Siege

Everybody has a bias of Rainbow Six Siege whenever there is a talk for a competitive online game. The game offers a wide variety of features alongside operators that largely rely on the choice of players. Those who cannot relate with the name of Rainbow Six Siege, it is a first-person shooter game that is comprised of several characters alongside weapons.

The major conflict arises for the players to choose among these characters, aka operators, and below, we have provided a resolution to this problem. Players will find appropriate and necessary information regarding operators of Rainbow Six Siege in the below-written workaround.

Best Attacking Operators

Players must use these operators while their team is on the attacking side because the attacking operators are beneficial in performing attacking tasks. So, it is the basic step for the betterment of the players of Rainbow Six Siege that they need to understand the role of their character alongside ability. Here are some of the best attacking character of this game:


He is a strong contender of this game and is pretty intriguing while attacking. You can presume about his weapon from his name; Sledgehammer and is used in breaking gadgets of the eagle eye, Wire barricades, wooden walls alongside soft walls. Although the ability is pretty simple, but could be pretty beneficial in the attacking aspect of the game. The best ability of Sledge is that it favors the players to attain sudden access to any place of the defenders.


He is one of the most powerful attacking characters of Rainbow Six Siege, and the EMP grenade is his companion. EMP grenade has the potential to thrash out all the electronic gadgets of defenders with its one blast. This seems out to be one of the essential abilities because it will disable all the defender’s gadgets alongside it also ruin their defensive strategy. Players should master this ability to break in any sort of defense.

Best Defensive Operators

Players of Rainbow Six Siege should know about the best defensive characters because the defense is as prominent as an attack. Here is the list for best defensive characters aka operators of Rainbow Six Siege:


He is a character who can be operated simply by the players of Rainbow Six Siege. The best weapon of Rook is Armor gadgets, which grant the players an extra life. The ability of Rook is considered to be the best defense; however, there are several more stunning aspects of Rook, such as his ability to resist enemies by using MP5 alongside ACOG scope in it. Players who have mastered Rook will attain victory in this game soon.


He is another prominent character of the Defending lineup, and his best weapon companion is Stem Shots. Players should know how to use DOC because if it is used correctly, then it can even resist the most powerful shots of this game. Players should appropriately use DOC and thus attain mastery in using this operator. Players will also attain several benefits after using DOC, so it is recommended, especially for new players, to use this character while they are on the defending side.

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