Best Physical therapy after a broken ankle

An ankle injury or fracture can be one of the most painful, frustrating, and draining types of injury. Itcan severely hinder or limit one’s ability to carry out some specific indoor or outdoor tasks like taking a walk or going for your regular morning run.

It is excruciating for Soccer players as it renders them effectually bench-bound, and nothing can be as painful as seeing your mates play while you can’t.Best Physical therapy after a broken ankle


Fracture in the ankle happens when a person falls or slips over an object or is caused by twisting injuries. This particular injury can occur or experienced during play, running, or sports. An ankle fracture can also occur during traumatic events like automobile accidents, fire accidents, riots,etc. Physical Therapy for Soccer Players It is also worthy to note that an ankle fracture can cause swelling on the affected leg if not properly managed by a specialist.


The types of therapy used to get an athlete back from a broken ankle include first-aid, psychotherapy, and physical therapy.

Once any form of accident occurs, it is advised to give basic first-aid treatment to casualties of an accident. On that note, we will be looking at the essential first-aid treatment administered to the patient.

  • The first step is to get the patient to be relaxed, even though it may be difficult seeing that the person is under trauma and in a lot of pain.
  • Secondly, hold the ankle fast to prevent it from moving by using the ace wrap to wrap around the ankle or use braces to limit movement and control swelling.
  • Thirdly, use ice or ointment; this helps to reduce pain and swelling
  • Fourth is the introduction of a walking aid like the use of crutches or a walker. This helps to lift the amount of weight exerted on the ankle by the body.
  • Fifth step depends onthe complexity of the injury.The individual may be booked for surgery depending on how many bones were broken. Meanwhile, the initial treatment helps in realigning and stabilization of the bone.
  • Sixth, an intensive gym experience is recommended for the patient to quickly get them back on their feet. If you are in Philadelphia, visit Petroski’s Physiotherapy practice for psychotherapy and the best physical therapy after a broken ankle designed to get back to your feet as quickly as humanly possible.

Physical therapy includes:

  1. Restoring ankle’s mobility
  2. Walking
  3. Gait control
  4. Unwrapping braces
  5. Hip and knee exercises
  6. Reassessment of scar
  7. Expose to air for quick healing and prevention from smelling.
  8. Foot balancing on the floor
  9. Relate and interact with others to help erase the memory of the traumatic event



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