Best Physical Therapy for Knees and Ankles

Having a leg injury of any kind can be downright devastating, whether it is an ankle, knee, hip  or leg bone, ultimately we are talking about an injury that hurts if not destroyed your mobility, at least temporarily. This can be a scary and frustrating time for anyone, but especially for an athlete.

best physical therapy after broken ankle petrophysio


High level athletes may literally have their lives hanging in the balance with a broken ankle or a knee injury that calls for surgery. Even if you weren’t exactly planning on attending the Olympics next year, a sport that you have invested years of time and endless dollars competing in matters. Even for the recreational player, the loss of social interaction and physical activity can be saddening.


Obviously everyone wants to heal up quickly and get back to normal. You want to get back in the gym, or out on the field, on the ice or in the pool as soon as you can! You want to train and compete and live life. So what is the fastest way to heal? And what is the best way to heal?


The answers to those questions are the same: physical therapy. Physical therapy is guided by a licensed professional who can help you to regain your strength and range of movement. They can help you with exercises that will help reduce pain and get you back in tip top shape for peak performance. A physical therapist can even help you learn how to strengthen your body and prevent future injuries from occurring in the first place.


The actual job of a physical therapist is to help you move and better manage your pain. They will observe and record your progress and help you develop a personalized plan for your recovery. A physical therapist can also help with preventive care, rehabilitation, and even treatment for chronic conditions and illnesses.


It is important to choose a physical therapist who is right for you. In the United States, to become a physical therapist you need to complete a doctor of physical therapy degree (which usually takes about three years) and pass a state licensure exam. Physical therapists are well versed in biology/anatomy, cellular histology, physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, pathology, behavioral sciences, communication, ethics/values, management sciences, finance, sociology, clinical reasoning, evidence-based practice, cardiovascular and pulmonary, endocrine and metabolic, and musculoskeletal.


Aside from education, you will want to look for the best physical therapist for knee surgery or the best physical therapy after broken ankle, not just any physical therapy. The best physical therapist for knee surgery or the best physical therapy after broken ankle will have state of the art technology and therapies and provide the very best one on one physical therapy like Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance. They can help you regain your full range of motion and live and play without the pain and soreness that you are currently experiencing. Visit Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance, or call (215) 576-4796 and schedule an appointment today.


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