Best Pillows of 2021

When it involves getting an honest night’s sleep, research shows the proper pillow can greatly improve your overall sleep quality,1 so your pillow choice is simply as important as your mattress and sheets. Whether you favor firm or fluffy, the simplest pillows offer the right amount of softness and support to stay you comfortable all night long.

Your sleep position can help determine which pillow is true for you, and we’ve tested and researched pillows with different heights, materials, and fills to assist you discover the foremost comfortable option. With one among these high-quality pillows, your bed is certain to feel comfier than ever.

What to seem for during a Pillow


Pillows are typically made from materials like foam, down, down alternatives, gel, or polyester fill. Each has its pros and cons. as an example , best bamboo pillow is great if you sleep within the same position nightly , while down pillows are super fluffy. Consider whether the fabric you’re buying is conducive to your sleep preferences and whether it’d cause any allergies to act up.


Your firmness preference is an important consideration when purchasing a pillow. believe whether you wish your pillows firm, super soft, or somewhere in between before you purchase .

Sleep position

The position you sleep in can affect which pillow is best for your needs. those that sleep on their side typically do best with a good pillow with a gusset or extra height, while those that sleep on their stomachs need a soft, thin pillow to take care of their neck’s natural curve.

Here, the simplest pillows for all of your sleep position needs.

Standout Features

Third-party certifications

When choosing a replacement pillow, it’s helpful to seem for options that are third-party tested for consumer safety and sustainable sourcing. for instance , some foam pillows are CertiPUR-US-certified to be freed from heavy metals, ozone depleters, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Similarly, down products with Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification guarantee ethical animal treatment.


Down pillows are naturally breathable, but if you favor down alternative or foam pillows, there are a couple of features which will enhance breathability. If you’re buying a bamboo pillow, choose one made with shredded foam for better airflow. And with all pillows, it is often an honest idea to settle on one with a breathable cover made up of cotton or bamboo for added comfort.

Adjustable filling

If you would like the choice to customize your pillow’s loft, search for one with adjustable filling that you simply can add or remove to succeed in your required height. If you wish a loftier pillow, choose one that comes with extra filling that’s easy to feature as required .

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