Best Place to Drop on Sanhok Map and Get the Best Loot

Sanhok in PUBG is a small forest map, but it’s quite deep. As compared to other maps like Erangle, Miramar, and Vikendi, the Sanhok is the smallest, but deadliest. In this map, players have to struggle a lot because of the size of the map. However, one thing about this map is very interesting and that is Loot. You can find huge loot in almost every area of the game. Some areas are lucky for every player because they are always packed with plenty of great weapons and bag items.

If players land on the right place on this map, they can survive longer, but if not, they can face several troubles. The winning percentage in Sanhok mostly depends on the dropping point. If your dropping point is wrong, your winning chances will be a few. Recently developers remastered the Sanhok and added a new mechanism of loot named “Loot Trucks.”

Loot trucks

While exploring the remastered map of the Sanhok, you will find fresh new Loot Trucks. It’s hard to miss these trucks because these trucks are huge. From the design and looks of the trucks, it clearly shows it’s a loot truck. If you destroy these trucks, you will find a huge amount of loot items that includes medkits, ammo, attachments, and a few amazing guns. Destroying these loot trucks isn’t very easy. You have to fire multiple round magazines to destroy these trucks. While firing these trucks, you have to be careful from the enemies.

Sanhok map is small, and the enemies nearby can easily hear you when you shoot those trucks. There will be four trucks at the beginning of the match, but as you destroy the trucks, more will spawn. The total limit of trucks in one match is eight. Never try to steal these loot trucks, it’s because these vehicles are always in the range of enemies, so it could be your last in the game.

Best Areas to Drop in Sanhok

Paradise Resort

It is among the few popular areas of Sanhok that are situated at the center of the map. Paradise Resort is also an attraction point of Sanhok. The size and shape of this area are very tricky and unique. The majority of the players who prefer to get the loot first, they usually drop on this area to pack the bag first. This area is massive, so multiple squads can get enough loot from here. However, you also need to be careful about the enemies. There is quite a high chance that enemies will join you as well. You can get a vehicle from here to change your location.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is exactly in the middle of this map. If you like to shoot just after dropping, this area is made for you. Along with the early shooting, you can get amazing loot from this location. The area of Boot Camp is huge. There are multiple warehouses available where you can take cover to mark the enemy. This area is usually packed with players, so whoever prefers to loot first, and not the battle, they can avoid this location.


The quarry is a massively huge area, but it’s open. Massive trees covered the quarry, but when you get there, you won’t find the same level of loot that you can get from Boot Camp and Paradise Resort. One thing here is guaranteed that if you drop here, you won’t find many enemies here.

If you face some loot issue here, you can move to some nearby houses that have decent loot. The great thing about this area is once you drop here, you can easily look for the loot without having enemies nearby. You can also find vehicles in this area easily to change your site.

Ha Tin

Most of the players aren’t aware of this area, but Ha Tin is a huge area for loot. After dropping here with the squad, you can easily find massive loot for your entire squad. If your plane is flying over this location, you should land here with your squad. This location is pretty easy and has decent sizes of houses. In every house, you can find loot items.

Camp Alpha

This area is situated on the northern side of the map. It’s a small island that makes this location the least preferred location of this map. However, if you want to get a decent amount of loot, without letting the enemies disturb you, then this location is perfect. However, if the circle on the map is far from this location, then you should collect the loot quickly and move at the circle of the area.


PUBG is one of the biggest names in battle royale games. Sanhok map is pretty small but packed with huge loot. Big trees and bushes in this location can be perfectly used for taking cover. For a beginner, this location can be slightly tough, but an experienced player can easily maintain the balance between shoot and loot.

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