Best Places to Buy a House in India Today

With the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, people started to realise the importance of having their own houses, which led to an increased demand for real estate investment. While people have continually invested in real estate India, a few cities have recently gained prominence due to their promising commercial and infrastructural developments. Let’s look at some of the hotspots of Indian real estate.

  1. Mumbai

Often dubbed the city of dreams, Mumbai is one of the most sought-after destinations for locals and migrants to invest in real estate. Here, you can find something that suits your budget, ranging from studio and one-bed abodes to lavish penthouses, bungalows and row houses. However, the prices of real estate properties in Mumbai can often be pricier, so it is best to look for financial aid in the form of bank loans before investing.

  1. Goa

Known as the city of nightlife and beaches, Goa has quickly become one of the most desired destinations for real estate investment. Since Goa has been the most sought-after holiday destination in the country, it often provides homeowners with an excellent return on their investment in the form of continuous rental income. Additionally, you can easily find a suitable villa or apartment in Goa that offers excellent connectivity and features. Thus Goa is an ideal second-home destination or a place where you can make a monetary investment.

  1. Noida

Hailing near the NCR, Noida is quickly becoming a real estate hotspot. In recent times, Noida has undergone a lot of commercial, residential and infrastructural development. The excellent job prospects from the top corporate names, impeccable amenities, and fast connectivity to the city and the country’s capital, Delhi, make it an excellent place for making a real estate investment.

  1. Bengaluru

The capital city of Karnataka state is not a stranger to real estate investment. It is home to some of the top IT company headquarters, which makes it a lucrative destination for IT people. Additionally, due to its unique rules and regulations and highly aggressive pricing, it has been the country’s number one residential and commercial real estate destination. If you are looking for anything from an apartment to penthouses and villas, Bengaluru has something for everyone.

  1. Thane

Often dubbed as an extension of Mumbai, Thane is the closest neighbouring city/district of the city of dreams and, thus, witnesses good real estate development. Being close to Mumbai and within travelling distance to most of its towns, Thane experiences a great demand in terms of real estate investment. Additionally, since the cost of real estate in Thane is slightly less expensive than in Mumbai, people who wish to relocate to Mumbai often consider Thane a prospective investment destination.

These locations mentioned above are some of the most in-demand residential real estate investment destinations. However, Indian real estate is not limited to these destinations. It includes other cities like Kolkata, Pune, Gurugram, Kochi, Kasauli and others. If you are looking for suitable properties in India’s leading cities, you can check out developers like Tata Housing, who have good projects in top Indian cities.

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