Best Practices and Safety Precautions When Using Industrial Adhesives

Adhesives are an indispensable part of several industries. But, one must keep in mind that adhesives are made with components that can be prone to hazards and potential operational risks. Therefore, people must follow safety protocols when handling or using industrial adhesives. 

Coming to the main factors that should be considered while handling a bonding adhesive are toxicity, hazardous incompatibility, equipment, and flammability. People who work with adhesive must take precautions to protect themselves from any burns, skin irritation, or respiratory irritation. Let us understand these safety precautions that are essential to follow when using adhesive glue. 

General Safety Measures When Using Industrial Adhesive Glue

Read the Instruction Manual

On most of the industrial adhesives’ packaging safety instructions are mentioned. It may have information on the specific hazards that can be caused due to any mishandling of the adhesive. Manuals can give you information on how to handle the product, its durability, and steps to use it correctly with safety measures. One practice that you can have is to always apply the adhesive glue on some crap material before using it on the actual surface or object you want to use it for.  

Ensure Enough Ventilation 

Adhesives contain toxic fumes, and to minimise their inhalation, it is essential to allow enough ventilation in the work environment. Installation of air filtration equipment is imperative in the workplace where the adhesive is being used. 

Use Appropriate Clothing for Protection 

Industrial adhesives have a higher percentage of toxic components and one should not use them without wearing safety equipment. To safeguard themselves against the toxic components of these adhesives they must wear protective clothing. Protective equipment like safety glasses, dust masks, respirators, and safety gloves should be worn when using these types of adhesives. 

Wash Thoroughly in Case of Coming in Contact with Adhesive 

If your hands or eyes are exposed directly to an industrial adhesive, wash them thoroughly. For hands, you may use soap and water and you will need to apply a moisturiser to get rid of any remnants. If your eyes are exposed to the adhesive, wash them with running water for at least 10 minutes. Then cover the eyes with a cloth or bandage and consult an eye specialist immediately. 

Maintain Hygiene 

Food and drinks should be prohibited from the work area. Skin contact should be minimised and one must always wash the exposed skin before and after entering the work area of adhesive application. The work area as well as the storage zone of bonding adhesives must be clean and tidy.  

To achieve a strong bond, it becomes essential to follow the adhesive application process correctly. Also, a high-performing adhesive delivers stronger adhesive bonding. One of the brands in India that offers quality industrial adhesives is Astral Adhesives. To bond materials like glass, metal, plastic, rubber, and more you will find a range of adhesive glue for different industries. 

General practices to follow when using an industrial adhesive: 

  • Do not let the adhesive freeze, store it at room temperature
  • Apply the glue evenly and clean off any excess immediately
  • Cover the adhesive container immediately after use
  • Roughen the surface with sandpaper for a stronger bond 
  • Always apply pressure to create a strong bond 

Last but not the least, understand what type of adhesive is suitable for which material and make the right choice for a strong permanent bond

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