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Laying a strong foundation from a young age is a keystone to raise brilliant, compassionate and better citizens. With quality foundation in children, it helps reach their potential in various aspects of life including social, emotional, and physical. We take pride in being the best pre-school in Mohali. Take a look at the following ways to build a strong and valuable foundation for our students.


  • Nurturing: Continuous support and encouragement to the children is crucial to provide optimism, comfort and a loving environment.

  • Discipline: Make sure to provide preventative, supportive and corrective discipline. It includes guidance, good etiquettes, etc. It can bring on many virtues, such as professional success through being focused and staying healthy.

  • Identify strengths and interests: We encourage our students to spend time doing what they like and enjoy. We show how to use what they love as an outlet when things aren’t going well for them. This way children grow up to cope up with stress and not panic. Furthermore, it helps them pursue and cultivate skills at which they already excel.

  • Pay close attention to children: Our teachers play an important role to build a warm and loving relationship. This helps to understand every child’s changing personality, likes, dislikes etc. and shape their character.

Looking for a CBSE school for admission in Mohali?

Amity International School, Mohali is among the top CBSE schools in Mohali. We aim to groom children with necessary practical life skills and nurture them. Our vision is to polish Amitians to become brilliant and compassionate global citizens. Established over 2 decades ago, Amity today is home to over 175,000 brilliant students across pre-nursery to Ph.D. levels. It can be stressful and confusing to find the best K-12/ Preschool in Mohali for your children. The following will help you understand Amity’s curriculum and environment.

  • Academic Excellence

  • Students Development

  • School Culture

  • Institutional environment and ethics

Academic Excellence

Amity is a premier CBSE school:

  1. Qualitative education and the integration of technology with student learning.

  1. With our knowledge and expertise in providing globally high-quality education, we assure your child will perform to their best capabilities.

  1. The Majority number of students score above 98% on boards. This is why you must choose AIS Mohali when looking for a CBSE school admission in Mohali.

Holistic development

Every child has different traits, preferences, and temperament. Our teachers pay attention and nurture students. We focus on emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual aspects besides academics. It encourages them to grow as exceptional individuals and better human beings. We take pride in being one of the best Preschools in Mohali. To nurture and groom children and understand young minds is our priority. So that we can help them feel warm and comfortable which is a basic step for healthy child development.

School culture

The student-teacher relations, interactive skills with peers and opportunities promotes students’ engagement. We encourage participation in extracurricular activities and not just academics to explore and promote talent and interest in our students.

Institutional environment and ethics

At AIS Mohali, we nurture, love and care for our students like our own. We have the best facilities from IT-driven classrooms, school transport facility to air-conditioned campus and buses and multiple sports facilities.

Amity International School, Mohali is one of the top international schools in Chandigarh that focuses on grooming students to become self-motivated and self-driven. We aim to mold a child’s personality apart from offering premium education.At Amity, we believe a strong foundation helps build a life-long education. It means that quality building blocks in children impacts long term learning and life success.

Admissions are open for the academic session of 2022-23. Enrol your child in one of the top international schools in Chandigarh- Amity International School, Mohali and best Preschools in Mohali. For information, visit

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