Best Quinceanera DJ in Atlanta GA

Bravo Jay Events, Founded by John A Garcia who is current DJ and entertainer in Atlanta Georgia,  He Wanted to give the wedding industry something that was truly missing….

He wanted to provide and deliver a true fun and energetic style for bride and grooms and events.  Unlike most corner and regular djs who just play music and make simple announceets throughout the night. Bravo Jay events makes sure to incorporate talent that will only provide high energy entertainment for your special occasions. Our goal is to make sure to provide a proffesional service throught the event, yet when its comes time to hit the dance floor. We want everyone to get loose and have fun tiime.  Best Quinceanera DJ in Atlanta GA

We can tell you so many reasons why we should be Part of your next big event. Yet, to Sum it up. Our team truly takes pride in what we do.  By making sure your day is far from average we provide a style unlike any other. While your typical Dj only sticks to making announcements and Pressing play. We have truly practiced and mastered the craft of providing a professional yet fun and energetic style for your event and dance floor.

We truly believe the DJ is the energy to not only to the dance floor but to the overall success of your event. The last thing you want after spending so much time on planning your big day is a bad or boring dj. With us you get a team of DJs who are ready to make great things happen.


The secret to our success is literally to treat your day as if it was one of ours. We know that if it was one of our own events we would want a true experience from the start to the end.  We provide everything from pro DJ planning to specific request and collecting ideas you want from your day. We goal is to  cater directly to you with passion. We want to make sure that we can do everything to provide a remarkable experience and nothing less.  Atlanta Wedding DJ


If you are looking for a fun and energetic DJ for your event, then you are in the right place.

Bravo Jay Events is a full service DJ company that specializes in weddings and fun events. We have had the privilege to provide professional and upbeat style to many great clients, events and weddings.

Unlike your typical DJ that just stands in the corner and plays music, we bring the party to life. Our only goals it to make sure you have a fun stress-free wedding and event that you deserve.

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