Best Resume Builder Apps for Android in 2020

A perfect resume has the capacity of impressing an employer. A good resume defines you in an accurate way. Just having the necessary skills is not enough in order to get a job, but having a good resume is also necessary. A resume helps an employer decide whether you are fit for the position or not, that’s why it is important to create a good resume. Designing a resume may be difficult for some, so, here are some of the best resume builder apps. These resume builder apps will help you create an attractive and professional resume that will increase the chance of your success.

Aristoz Resume Builder Free

Aristoz Resume Builder Free is one of the best resume builder apps for Android. It lets you design your resume in an easy way. The app comes with about 70 attractive templates that you can put to your use in order to design a good resume. These templates are fully customizable. You can share a resume on Cloud and email. The app lets you save your resume in PDF format. The great thing that users like about it is, it is completely free. If you are looking for a free resume builder app, Aristoz Resume Builder Free may be good for you.

CV Engineer

Yet another powerful resume builder is CV Engineer. It includes tons of templates and various options to customize a resume. You can edit or design fonts in the desired way. It lets you export a resume in PDF format. What makes this app great is the attractive and stylish templates that can easily impress an employer in the blink of an eye. The thing that many don’t like about this app is, It is not free. It costs $5.99. you can get it on Google Play Store. If you have been searching for professional resume templates, CV Engineer may be good for you.

Free Resume Builder

This superb resume builder app has been developed by Magnetic Lab. Getting such a good resume builder app for free can make anyone happy. It includes a great number of templates to choose from. You can edit fonts according to your preferences and change font size. You can add photos to the resume to make it more appealing. The user interface of the Free Resume Builder is appreciated by users. It is easy, good, and free also. Ads keep appearing in the free version. In order to get rid of ads, you can pay $1.49. it is certain that you won’t find a better resume builder than this for free.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a great resume builder app for Android. It lets you design your own templates and edit fonts in the desired way. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Word, you may face some difficulties using it. After you have finished creating a resume, you can export it in any desired format available in the app. Microsoft Word also comes in a desktop version that offers more features than the Android version. It is really an amazing resume builder but may seem expensive to some. You can purchase the full version by shelling out $149, which is a one-off payment. If you like it, you can consider paying for it.

Resume Builder Free CV Maker

Finding a free app to design an attractive resume? If yes, go for Resume Builder Free CV Maker.  This app lets you create an awesome resume within minutes. It offers a number of templates that are customizable. It includes over 40 templates and various tools that can help you design a professional resume in the blink of an eye. If you don’t hate ads, it may be a good app for you.


Resumaker is a free resume builder app for Android. This app proves that free things are also good. It includes a good number of stylish and professional templates that one can use in order to build a perfect resume. When it comes to customization, it beats paid apps too. It offers various useful tools for customization. You can choose the template of your choice to create an eye-catching resume. It lets you export a resume in PDF format.

These were some of the best Android apps for building resumes. You can download these apps from the Google Play Store.

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