Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps in 2020

Samsung has recently released a new watch version in its Galaxy Watch series, which has gained widespread popularity in terms of reliability and versatility. Not only has it become popular due to the reasons mentioned earlier, but because of the collection of apps on the Galaxy store, which can be used on the watch. For every activity, there is an app available for you, be it, fitness, productivity, or home automation. Below we have mentioned some of the most recommended apps which you can enjoy on your Galaxy Watch. These apps will convert your digital watch into a fully functional tool that can be used in daily life.

  • Heart Rate Graphic

It is one of the best available apps on the Galaxy store for monitoring your heart rate, which offers you an accurate reading of your heartbeat and that too in real-time. Not only does it provide you with the reading of that particular instance, but it also keeps a log of up to 240 seconds of your heart rate. The app also shows you the total time which it has spent on track. This application is pretty useful in keeping track of your heart rate during the mild and intense workouts so that you can see what’s going on.


  • Map My Run

It is the most effective tool, especially if you want to track your running sessions efficiently. Taking your phone together with you while you are running is a headache. Instead, you can switch on to your Galaxy Watch and use the Map My Run application by tapping on it and turning on the Location setting on the watch so that you can track the total distance. As soon as you start running, your watch will track the distance covered by you, the total duration of the distance, the complete map on which you ran, your heart rate, the calories you burned along, and much more. You can save the running session on your device or cloud account, once your running is completed.

  • G’Night Sleep Smart

Everyone wants to get a good sleep and wake up on time in the morning. Getting late is a sign of laziness. It might happen because of the disturbances in your sleep schedule, which will have a direct effect on your health. To resolve any problem, you need to analyze it first. With G’Night Sleep Smart, you can monitor your sleep patterns. Start the application and set your alarm, and start the sleep monitor. Doing this will start tracking your heartbeat, and will track your sleep patterns and watch for light sleep or disturbances in your sleep cycle. You can see the activity log when you wake up.

  • Navigation

It is one of the most useful services. We all know what the role of a navigator is. This application provides precise directions while you are walking down the street and are pretty confused about which path to take. You may take the help of this app as it will provide you with the most accurate guidance, and you will reach your destination without any more struggle. To use this application on your Galaxy Watch, you need to first install the Gear Navigator application on your device. After doing that, open the Navigation app on your watch, launch Google Maps on your phone, and start the navigation on it, and then, you may follow the instructions accordingly.

  • TizMo (WeMo Control)

It is a home automation app which can effectively control the smart home services. It supports many devices at a time. The application has an easy to use interface. This app can directly be connected to the lights, plugs, and switches because of its smart home device connectivity. The app procedure is simple; you need to find the WeMo device and then tap on the switch present there, to turn on or off.

  • GymRun Workout Diary

It is the Best in the class application for logging your workout, irrespective of the exercises you do. It has a built-in exercise tracking for chest and biceps, lats and triceps, and legs and abs. You can choose from among the various exercises present on the list and set the weight and number of reps you have to cover up. After that, the app will track your number of reps you did and give you a signal to end after the set time gets over. It is a paid app that comes in the pricing of $4.99. With this app in your Galaxy Watch, you can leave your phone inside your gym bag, and you can track your entire workout on your watch and that too very precisely.

  • Triggers (IFTT)

Like TizMo, it is a versatile app that can be used to control cloud services as well as many smart appliances at home. It can be integrated with many home devices. It may take a bit greater amount of time for setting up, but once it gets set up, you can control comparatively a greater number of appliances than the rest of the app. It is a cloud-based service, which means you can control your home appliances from anywhere remotely.

  • Wrist Camera

It is probably the best app in the list of spy camera apps. With this application’s help, you can view any of the locations remotely, and you can also take photos of the desired location. It is a very useful and handy application that can be used in your Galaxy Watch. It is the easiest way to control the cameras of your phone as it can be done directly from your Galaxy Watch. The app costs $3.99; however, if you want to check the functioning of the app, you may download its free version. With this application’s help, you may take group photos as well by setting the camera on the desired angle and using the watch to capture the image.

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