Best SEO Sydney Techniques to Increase Your Organic Traffic

Adapting to the constant changes in Google SERP is a challenge to many companies nowadays. Unlike in the past years, it seems that Google is prioritising paid listings over the organic ones. This trend is depressing especially to small companies that are depending more on organic traffic rather than spending on Google ads.

Here are some of the best SEO Sydney techniques that can help businesses retain or boost their website search ranking in 2021.

Cut Your Bounce Back Rate

As one of the leading search engines today, Google aims to provide the best and most helpful results to every user query. To achieve this goal, Google uses the bounce back rate as a basis to rank Web pages.

Bounce back rate is the rate at which a user leaves a site and looks for other pages to address the query. The higher the bounce back rate, the greater the possibility that a site will rank lower in SERP. Hence, improving site quality to get more people engaged and stay long on their pages should be among the top digital marketing priorities of businesses this year.

The question now is how to increase the user engagement and decrease the bounce back rate of your site. There are several factors affecting this and one of them is your site usability.

Just like new technologies, many customers prefer looking at user-friendly websites over those that are hard to navigate. Hence, one of the things that SEO companies in Sydney Australia always look at is the site’s loading time.

There are different methods to improve a site’s loading time. Turning on caching, discarding unhelpful plugins and add-ons as well as optimising size images are among the effective ways that businesses can always try to cut their load time and increase their organic traffic in the long run.

High Quality Content Is a Must

Another tip from the best SEO agencies Sydney is to write quality blogs on a regular basis. Having well written content tailored to target your market niche is helpful to attract potential customers to your site. Covering informative and interesting topics is a must to keep the site guests engaged in your pages. Above all, using long-tail keywords that are more specific to the services or products that your business offers will have a remarkable impact on your search ranking.

Maximise Internal Links & Optimise Meta Information

Improving your internal links, category descriptions, product titles and other on-page SEO factors is important to attract more leads and organic traffic to your site. However, if you are on a tight timeline, it is best to start with optimising your meta data and meta descriptions as they have the most impact on Google SERP.

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