Best shoulder and chest workout

All of us nowadays are more conscious about our looks and appearance. We all want to look good, attractive, and stay healthy. For this, we have to make our physical appearance attractive and to do so most of us especially teenagers go for an opting gym as a good option.

Well, there’s nothing bad in it. Also, we get useful machines and are not needed to purchase them and keep them at our home. We just have to pay some amount and workout there. Workout can get more effective and worthy when we know the real best of it.

Here, we are going to know about the chest workout and the shoulder workout. But, the question arises that why we are now only talking about the shoulder and chest workout? This is because primarily stabilization throughout your upper body. Possessing a set of strong shoulders provide practical benefits pertaining to your range of movement, in particular enabling a far more functionally effective range of movements in your arms. Also, despite the potential for injury, taking on shoulder exercises and building up the muscle will also contribute to a resistance factor against injury, meaning your chances of encountering such nasties as a torn rotator-cuff are far more limited. Finally, let’s be honest here, possessing jacked delts and traps looks phenomenal. Shoulders largely fly under the radar in terms of muscle people desire to develop as we touched on earlier, but giving your shoulders the attention and exercise they deserve will make as much of a difference to your appearance as making huge gains on your arms. Plus, you’ll never get sick of people complementing or taking a squeeze of your newly huge shoulders, giving your self-confidence a massive boost.



Chest workout

Exercise-1 barbell bench press

Exercise-2 dumbbell chest fly

Exercise-3 Arnold chest press

Exercise-4 svend press

Exercise-5 the dip


Chest and triceps workout

Exercise-1 push ups

Exercise-2 dumbbell bench press

Exercise-3 dumbbells fly

Exercise-4 chest dip

Exercise-5 rope triceps pushdown

Exercise-6 bench dips

Exercise-7 skull crushers

Work your chest at home

Exercise-1 push ups

Exercise-2 inclines push ups

Exercise-3 decline push ups


The ultimate shoulder workout

Exercise-1 the overhead press

Exercise-2 bent-over lateral

Exercise-3 culls dribbles

Exercise-4 PNF D2 flexion


Deadly dumbbell workout

Exercise-1 front raise

Exercise-2 lateral raise

Exercise-3 shrug


Shoulder workout for women

Exercise-1 front plate raise

Exercise-2 Arnold press

Exercise-3 dumbbell upright press

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