Best skin bleach for a bright looking face and saying bye to dull skin

Say “No” to facial hair and “Yes” to glowing skin!  

It is true; skin colour does not define beauty, but no one likes dull skin!  

Facial hair is the nightmare of most Indian women and getting rid of it might often seem challenging. Every woman thrives on looking her best every day. Most women especially do not welcome facial hair, so it is safe to resort to bleaching to get rid of facial hair and welcome smooth-looking skin. Skin bleach makes a face look effortlessly good.  

So, if you are someone who does not mind face bleaching once in a few months, we are going to decode for you the best bleach for face for a bright-looking face and its multiple benefits.  


Oxy Glow is one of the emerging brands known for offering natural and practical solutions for the skin. It gained recognition for being an eco-friendly and cruelty-free skincare product.  

1) Mango Bleach Cream by Oxyglow Herbals   

Their Mango Bleach cream is a natural bleach for the face known for naturally brightening the skin and even rejuvenating the skin and refreshing it. This skin bleach is formulated to give a natural glow, improved texture, and a fairer complexion by lightening your facial hair to match the skin tone. It plays an essential part in making the skin glow and saying ‘adieu” to dull skin.  


  • Enriched with Mango extracts to bleach facial hair  
  •  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles  
  • Decreases Melanin production  
  • Cleanses the dead skin, Clogged pores, giving Fresh & Clear skin  
  • Lightens Blemishes, Pigmentation & Dark patches  
  • It provides a Fresh, Glowing, Clear & Soft skin  
  • It contains beneficial amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin B for a healthy-looking skin  

2) Pearl Bleach Cream by Oxyglow Herbals  

It is one of the  face bleach cream in the market today and enriched with Pearl mineral powder with the power to diffuse imperfections and add shine to get glowing flawless skin. It helps in collagen regeneration, responsible for elasticity and youthful skin.  


  • It gives a clean, radiant skin  
  • Regeneration of Collagen  
  • It helps in hydrating skin  
  • Rejuvenates skin  
  • Maintains Oil balance  
  • Lightens and brightens skin tone  
  • It provides a Wrinkle-free and Spot free skin   

Get a brighter, shinier, softer, and fairer skin at home with ease by using any of these two products by Oxyglow Herbals, available at an affordable price for natural glowing face and bidding goodbye to dull skin! You can find these two products on their website and many more natural skincare products offering numerous benefits and which are highly gentle towards your skin compared to other big skincare products and brands.  

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