Best Solution for HiringITAD Disposition Companies Chicago

IT asset disposition solution Chicago is all about disposing of old, obsolete and unwanted electronic and IT equipment in a safe and responsible manner. A proper ITAD program will ensure that an organization mitigates risks to its sensitive data in minimal cost and without compromising on the value recovery.Reliable ITAD companies Chicago help in managing the retirement, recycling or remarketing of IT equipment with an aim to mitigate any unwanted costs, legal obligation and environmental issues.

If you choose to take care of your ITAD on your own, then the performance may not be as reliable as a professional service. Outsourcing your ITAD needs to a professional ITAD company will not only reduce labor costs and minimize administrative hassles, but also reduce your storage needs and related costs. However, it is important to ensure that the ITAD company you are hiring handles your equipment and its data in the most responsible and confidential manner. If it is not able to give it a proper oversight, your data may be put at risk and you may end up having a fake sense of safety.

IT asset disposition solution Chicagohas a number of essential elements, including electronics recycling, data destruction, chain of custody, and multi-vendor approach. Let’s have a look.

  • Electronics Recycling: Once your IT equipment comes to the end of its life, electronics recycling can ensure that it meets all processing needs as laid by the government, while causing minimal harm to the environment. Ensure that the company you hire believes in no landfills, no e-waste export, and no labor in prison.


  • Data Destruction: Make sure that the company sanitizes your assets properly, so that all your software programs and sensitive data are destroyed. It is important, so that no one can access it later from your assets. All the corporate tags and identifiers should be removed, and all SSD, HDD, and media should be shredded. Some ITAD disposition companies Chicagoeven allow you to witness the destruction onsite.


  • ChainofCustody:It ensures each asset’s audit trail as admissible by the court. Verified custody ensures no risk, and prevents employee theft. In case of a malpractice, your ITAD company will be accountable. When you handover your asset’s ITAD to a reputable company, they effectively track it by serial number and disposal tag. They verify custody and automate reconciliation of the inventory. They work in a neutral way with any kind of existing processes.


  • Multi-Vendor Approach: It is common for ITAD companies Chicago to go out of business and become unresponsive. So, having multi-vendor approach can be helpful in holding them accountable. They also end up saving money in the long run, as they charge competitive fees for disposition and remarketing. Capable companies offer lucrative options to ensure maximum return on your obsolete IT equipment. They can resell processed equipment through online stores, auction sites, and resellers.

COM2 Recycling Solutionsprovides effective ITAD solutionswith a consistent approach towards each and every project. No matter what kind of equipment and quantity you have, you can get in touch with them to receive the well-deserved support.

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