Best Solutions ToBitcoins Growing Environmental Problems


The threat of extreme green house gas emission is growing day by day. As we are taking new steps to modernisation each and every day our nature is suffering as a consequence for that.

As you know the biggest source of carbon is fossil fuel which causes the most amount of carbon. With the growing demand for more resources the use of fossil fuel has increase to shocking rate in the last few decades. MOSS earth also indicates to the same problem.

There are a lot of reasons that we need to use fossil fuel as the biggest support system. The requirement of electricity comes in top of that list. None of us can imagine our life without the electricity.

Bitcoins is a virtual network that requires a huge amount of electricity every year which apparently is more than to run the US treachery for a year. With so much use of fossil fuel by this tech naturally emits a lot of green house gas. Moss suggests a few solutions to for a greenerBitcoins service.

Changing the code of bit coin

Changing the Bitcoins from the source is something that many altcoins came up with. To avoid any race of computing power by miners the solution is to not mine at all. Other currencies like solar coin also follow this motto and were not mined in the first place.

So,the best solution by moss plataforma to this power consuming problem is using algorithm instead of mining. With the help of algorithm there is no need to use any kind of high speed mining tools. This strategy consumes a lot less power and causes low carbon emission.

The prime coin and the peer coin developed by Sunny king also stated that both of these techsare made specifically keeping the too much carbon emission problem in mind. Other than that both the tech has more advantages than the Bitcoins in respect to premining, proof for stake in the protocol is not coded etc.

Hardware change

  • The main source of the power consumption is the Graphic processing unit of the software. This hardware is the reason behind the huge consumption of power.
  • Also due to the difficulty level of using this hardware producing Bitcoins is a challenge.
  • So, the moss credito de carbonoencourages in using a different hardware which will consume a lot less power and will be more environment friendly. Also many users have already changedtheir GPU according to the protocol of Scrypt. This way the coins are available more easily and consume less power.

Buying carbon credit

Buying some token MCO2 will surely help solving this problem. This is a way of showing your support to that organization who promotes the use of renewable resources. Also there are carbon coins which are also a part of this programme.

The prime focus is to collect this carbon coins and use the funds on project to offset the use of carbon. Also this coins helps in planting of sapling. Each planting of sapling stops one ton of carbon emission.


Find more information relating to MOSS earth, and moss plataforma here.

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