Best Speed Reading Apps of 2020

Some people may find reading boring whereas for others it is maybe their hobby. You can be a mild reader also, but if you like to read but have a problem of slow reading, then there is a solution for that as well. You can help yourself by using a timer, but I would suggest you try speed reading applications as they are handy. We are living in 2020, where technology has a lot of options for us in every respect, similarly now we have speed reading apps to help us brush up our skills. Let us talk about some useful applications of speed reading.

  • Quick Reader

It is one of the best apps for speed reading. The Quick Reader can be used as an eBook reader and speed reading both. It helps you to read smoothly and improves your habit of reading books. It lets you customize the interface and set the feel of the reading screen; you can also customize colors, fonts, text size and other preferences of the reading screen. Quickreader has 20 languages which make it useful around the globe. However, its free version is also available but with fewer features and limited customization.

  • Spreeder

Spreeder is another exceptionally good application for seed reading, it allows you to add your own reading material as well. It has a clear user interface. It helps you to read two or more times faster than your actual reading rate. Also, it allows you to customize your speed and provides progress reports too. This application is only for iPhone and iPad users.

  • Read Me

Read Me is an easy customizable app, which incorporates the latest speed-reading technologies. It is available offline also with a premium and affordable price. It is especially designed to minimize eye movement.

  • Focus-Speed Reading

If you are looking for a lightweight app with minimalistic features, then Focus-Speed is for you. Focus speed reading app can help you read up to a whopping speed of 1,000 words/minute. It has a built-in web server so you can speed read through your newsfeed. If you have an Apple Watch, then you can use the Watch app feature of the app. It lets you download e-books in several formats such as doc, docs, and text.

  • Outread App

Outread app is also an easy and customizable application. It’s pocket friendly and works with a lot of eBook formats. If you are an iOS user then this application is for you, it syncs with many apps like pocket, Instapaper. It has a simple user interface which has a dark and light theme to help you better.

  • Readsy

Readsy is a whole free application, where you can paste any URL to get started as it takes a web-based approach. It supports text and PDFs both. It’s easy to install this application, it uses spritz integration.

  • Accelerator

Accelerator is another useful application for speed reading, it allows you to adjust speed. It supports multiple themes with an integrated browser. It is only for iOS users. You can connect it with Pocket and Instapaper applications. You cannot upload any of your own eBooks or documents but can use it for reading texts.

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