Best Stand Up Comedians in India

Feeling down? Looking for a way to liven up a party? Whether it is struggling with the Moday blues, or just simply looking for a way to boost a boring party, always remember, laughter is the best medicine. But who do you go to when you are looking to enjoy a few laughs? Relax. you don’t need to go anywhere because this blog will give you a quick look at the best stand up comedians in India so that you know who can those giggles going. It does not matter if you are looking for a stand up comedian for your private or corporate events, when these talented performers take the stage, you better hope you are not eating or drinking because your stomach will soon hurt from laughing so much. Let’s have a look at who’s on the list:

5 Best Stand Up Comedians in India

Appurv Gupta

Veteran stand-up comedian Appurv Gupta is well known on the comic scene for his unique voice and dialogue delivery. He is often rankend among the top 20 Best Stand Up Comedians in India and he was honored with the title of India’s leading Hinglish stand-up comedian. In a world where comedy very often boarders on the vulgar or the controversial, Appurv Gupta is a rising star and a strong advocate for his clean and fit family type comedy.

He is popular in the Indian comedy industry for his trademark solo shows, namely “AppurView” and “RelationShip Or RelationShit.” His vidoes and comic routines have earned him a huge fan following on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter  and Facebook. He also hosts a popular Mudde ki Baat on YouTube where he pokes fun at various trending issues that are covered by the Indian Media. His amazing talent for comedy won him numerous awards, including a nomination on the 100 Celebrity Nominees List by Forbes India.

Aditi Mittal

Not really your average ‘girl next door’ type, Aditi Mittal broke all levels of glass ceiling when she became one of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India. Thanks to years in the funny business, Aditi Mittal is one of the better-known faces of the Indian English stand-up comedy scene in India. She has featured on many international shows, including popular TV channels such as BBC World and BBC America. Her extensive work on the comedy scene has allowed her to be ranked among the Best Stand Up Comedians in India.

She is a familiar face to regulars at the Canvas Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store in Mumbai. Additi Mittal also has the unique honor of being the first Indian comedian who made to the stage of ‘The Laugh Factory’ in Los Angeles. Her comedy material is often described as acerbic and cutting edge. He pokes fun at a diverse range of issue, from Osama bin Laden to sanitary napkins and Miss India winners.

Daniel Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes is a well known stand up comedian who is popular for his dark and surreal style of comedy. He was born in Mumbai and received his MBA in marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune. He worked for a time in advertising before he discoverd his true passion, making people laugh. After saying goodbye to his corporate job, he devoted himself full-time to stand-up comedy and began walking towards his dream of being ranked among the Best Stand Up Comedians in India.

Daniel’s material is unique and thought provoking because it covers a range of social issues in India, including free speech, student sucide, and observational comedy. The unique thing about Daniel is that he does not shy away from serious issues like death penalty and marital rape, using his trademark dark humor to put these issues in perspective. He is a regular face at a number of top comedy clubs including, the Canvas Laugh Club, The Comedy Store, and High Spirits.

Kanan Gill

Only a gifted comedian like Kanan Gill can turn being pretentious into comedy gold. Kanan was born in Uttar Pradesh and spent his early years and schooling Delhi. He worked as a software engineer for three years before he found his inspiration to join comedy after winning a competition called Punchline Bangalore followed by another win at the Comedy Store in Mumbai.

He began to gather a popular fan following with his hilarious viral YouTube series Pretentious Movie Reviews which he hosts with fellow comedian Biswa Kalyan Rat. He has launched special comedy series on Netflix and Amazon as well. In the special, entitled ‘Yours Sincerely’, Kanan talks about his experiences through the letter he wrote to his future self at the age of 15. Consistently ranked among the Best Stand Up Comedians in India, Kanan has numerous achievements to his name including being one of the main personalities behind the YouTube Comedy Hunt.

Kenny Sebastian

Every single fan of stand-up comedy in India knows who Kenny Sebastian is, and why not, he is one of the best in the biz. He was born in Kerela and was brought up in Bangalore. He started his career as an amateur musician when he used to make songs from tweets, popularly known as #KennySing4Me. His first venture into comedy was when he created an improvised sketch show for Comedy Central known as The Living Room. Kenny Sebastion has credited with having changed the perception of comedy in the country and is therefore regarded as one of the Best Stand Up Comedians in India.

Once his career took off the moved on to bigger projects and started writing for shows on Comedy Central. He is known for his work in acting as well, having appeared in web series like Star Boyz, Humorously Yours, Better Life Foundation, Pushpavalli and Amazon Prime Video’s Sketchy Behaviour. He is also a regular face as a judge on the comedy hunt show Comicstaan. His talent has taken him all round the world and he has done shows in the United States, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. He has been in stand-up comedy for more than 5 years and he has done over 500 shows all over the world.


All of the performers mentioned above are at the top of their game. They are known in the industry for being established and promising talent that is sure to bring happiness in your life. The next time you need to organize a corporate event, or you are planning a party and you need to make it special, simply hire one of the Comedian for Corporate Events, and you can be sure your event will be a success. From humorous jokes, to witty one-liners, these star performers really know how to get the crowd going.

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