Best Taxi Service In Delhi – Fully Sanitized Cars

Daily commuters or office-goers. And the scene is much the same in the capital city of Delhi. Things have taken a U-turn post-pandemic. However, after the unlock, certain things have changed. To know if the change is for the good or not, we have to wait until the new preventive measures pass the test. But before that, let’s have a look at the effect of Covid-19 on the cab service in Delhi and the changes that took place post lockdown.



The situation unlocks 4.0. The private cab operators received a nod to resume their services but maintaining the Covid-19 safety guidelines continue to be a strict condition. As per the new regulations, the cab services are required to follow the following things:


  • Cab aggregators cannot go for carpooling or car-sharing services.
  • Only two persons apart from the driver can sit in the cab at a time.
  • Cashless payment should be ensured.
  • Wearing a mask is a must before getting into a cab.
  • As per the government mandate, passengers should occupy only the backseats and not the front seats.
  • The passengers should handle their luggage themselves. No unnecessary indirect contact is permissible.
  • It is essential to sanitize hands before entering a cab and even exiting from it.
  • Doors and handles of the cab should be sanitized regularly, if possible.


Guidelines particularly for drivers

The drivers also have a big responsibility in preventing the spread of the deadly virus. The measures that a cab driver should ensure are as follows:


  • The cab should be disinfected after each ride.
  • Extra hygiene levels should be maintained.
  • The driver should use the AC only in fresh-air mode to ensure clean air within the cab. Other modes should be avoided due to this reason.
  • They should not allow more than two passengers under any circumstance.
  • The driver must never forget to wear a mask and sanitize his hands.


Some Advanced Safety Measures

Apart from the government’s stringent protocols, the popular cab aggregators have introduced some technologically advanced measures to ensure maximum COVID safety. These are:

  • Automatic Mask Verification: This technology-based innovative system asks all drivers to take a selfie wearing a mask before accepting trips from the riders. Without verification, drivers will not be able to begin the rides.
  • Update of Cancellation Policy: As per the latest measures, a passenger can cancel a trip. It is applicable if he/she feels that adequate safety precautions have not been adopted.
  • Healthy Safety Awareness: Some cab services upon a partnership with global and local public health authorities, issued safety tips or awareness for the riders. They send these to the passengers before their trip begins.


All these are the crucial steps that have been taken to ensure a safe and convenient cab service in Delhi. And these have been helpful so far in keeping pace with the passenger needs, transport economy, and the stubborn virus.


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