Best Templates for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity suites for Windows and Mac. Microsoft Office templates just make it better. Office templates are preformatted documents in which you only need to add your particulars, and you can easily create impressive documents in minutes. Although Microsoft Office comes with various pre-installed templates, you can still find some best Office templates on the internet.

In this article, we will mention some of the best templates for Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office Online Templates

There are plenty of Microsoft Office Templates you can find in the Office app itself. You can find different types of templates for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Just open any Microsoft program and click on “New” and then tap on “Search for Online Templates” from the top’s search bar.

Microsoft Office Templates for PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool to create edgy and appealing presentations. But Microsoft PowerPoint has its technicalities, and PowerPoint templates can help you in effortlessly making presentations.

“Smart Sheet” is one of the best places to download some great PowerPoint templates, including templates for marketing plans, SWOT analysis, finance, etc. You just need to find the right template, and you can download it for free.

Microsoft Office Templates for Excel

You can find plenty of templates using the in-app method, as mentioned above, but you can also find more templates at If you want to find some templates other than the in-app method, you can go to “”

Microsoft Office Templates for Word

Microsoft Word is a frequently used program to create documents with templates. You can get various new templates for different requirements like resumes, calendars, invoices, newsletters, brochures, etc. “Template.Net” offers a wide range of Word templates, including templates for newsletters, cover letters, letterheads, and more. Another excellent place to find some fantastic Microsoft Word templates is “Layout Ready.”

Microsoft Office Resume Templates

Apart from program-specific templates, you can also find some particular types of templates like resume templates. The Resume Templates can be beneficial for aspiring job seekers. One of the best places to find resume templates other than Microsoft Word is “Template Monster.”

Microsoft Office Templates for Invoices

Invoices hold significant importance for business owners. Using a pre-formatted invoice template can save you a lot of time. You can easily create invoices by using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Another great source for Microsoft Word invoice templates is “Hloom.” If you want to create an invoice using Excel, then “Spreadsheet 123” is a great option to find some amazing invoice templates.

Apart from pre-formatted templates, you can also design your own Microsoft Office template for different Microsoft programs. To create templates in different programs, all you need to do is layout the template without any text and save it. When you save your template, make sure you save it as a Word template with a file type of .dotx instead of .docx. This way, you can access the templates when you launch Microsoft Office.


Microsoft Office templates play a significant role in simplifying business documents. Templates can help you in saving a lot of time and designing impressive documents. You can access these templates from in-app or from third-party websites. As mentioned above, the templates will make your user experience with Microsoft Office much better and help you improve your productivity.

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