Best Time Travel Movies for You to Watch

Time Travel is a concept of moving from one period of time to another. It sounds so intriguing when someone talks about time travel movies, we start creating our fantasy world, thinking about its possibilities. A lot of movies have used the time travel theory and not only for the sake of movie script, but have also left a profound impact on the audience’s mind.

Below listed are the time travel movies you must watch:

  • Primer

Primer was released in the year 2004 and is a complex movie to watch. The plot sounds simple: it’s about two friends who decide to travel back in time and make ’90s right decisions to earn money in the stock market. However, they fail miserably at this. There is no doubt about the concept of being very intelligent, but viewers end up with a lot of confusion after watching this masterpiece.

The movie might not be for everyone to watch, but if you want to dig deep into the time travel theory, you can watch the same on Amazon prime.

Best Time Travel Movies for You to Watch
  • Donnie Darko

The movie ‘Donnie Darko’ is a unique combination of humor, mystery, and a lot more that makes it worthwhile. The movie is all about a teenager who starts having visions after a jet crash over his house.

Again, the movie is available on Amazon Prime to watch.

  • Avengers: Endgame

Being the most significant film event of 2019, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is a must-watch movie. Watchers were somewhat stressed about the introduction of the time travel concept in the last part, but it pulled it off pretty well.

In the movie, Thanos, the villain destroys the infinity stones via which he wiped half the Universe. The heroes of the movie cannot undo the destruction without the stones, and thus, travel back in time to bring it back.

The movie is available to watch on Disney+.

  • The Butterfly Effect

The movie ‘The Butterfly Effect’ also released in the same year as Primer that is 2004. The movie is about a man who discovers that his childhood journals can take him back in time by reading them. The movie unfolds the dark secrets of childhood memories. The movie did not perform well on the box-office, but it is a must-watch if you want to have fun.

The movie is available to stream on Hulu.

  • Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day is an American comedy released in 2017. The movie is about a girl named Theresa, who experiences a time loop over and over again. She is being murdered again and again in the movie but wakes up reliving the same situation. At last, she ends the loop by killing her murderer.

The movie is fun to watch and has a different element than other time travel movies. It is available to watch on the Prime video.

  • Interstellar

The movie ‘Interstellar’ is the combination of space and time travel, a perfect sci-fi delight to watch. The movie is about the hardship humanity is facing to survive, and the astronauts traveling through a wormhole in search of a new home. It is a 2014 movie and did exceedingly well in the box office.

The movie is available on Prime video to watch.

  • The Terminator

The movie ‘Terminator’ is again a unique combination of time travel and robots. The movie has the lead actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator who is sent back to the past via time travel to kill Sarah. Not giving out any spoilers, why is he sent back in time to kill the opponent will be revealed when you watch the movie.

The movie topped the box office and its following sequels were also made later on. The movie is available on Hulu for sci-fi addicts and others who would want to explore the genre.

  • Back to the Future

The movie has its series to binge-watch, as there is another masterpiece on the list. The character Marty goes back to the past and ends up meeting his future parents. The twist happens when he becomes his mother’s love interest.

The movie is fun to watch and has a total of three parts that are available on Hulu.

  • About Time

About time is a time travel film along with a pinch of romance. It is a comedy-drama where the character travels to the past to change the incidences and improve his future.

It’s a 2013 film that did just fine on the box-office and is a one-time watch for fun. For Richard Curtis’s fans, the movie is available on Netflix.

  • 12 Monkeys

The movie ‘12 Monkeys’ is about a man Cole, who travels from 2035 to the ’90s to stop a virus from spreading, that is released by an army named 12 monkeys.  It is a two-hour movie with deadly twists and turns taking place.

The movie is available on H.B.O for the interested watchers.

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