Best Uses of Food Grade Silicone Tubing

Food grade silicone tubing possesses a number of characteristics that make it perfect for usage in the food and beverage sectors. Silicone rubber’s chemical features include a strong structure, a non-stick surface, and excellent temperature resistance. Rubber tubing is widely used in commercial breweries, soft drink manufacturing, and vending machines. We’ll look at some of the most common uses for food-grade silicone tubing in this blog.


Production of dairy products

Food Grade Silicone Tube Manufacturer companies uses Silicone tubing is commonly used in the dairy industry. Dairy hoses are platinum cured and clear in colour. Dairy hoses, like much tubing used in the food and beverage industry, are made of platinum cured silicone because it does not use peroxide or ketones, allowing milk to pass through the hose without being tainted by the silicone. The silicone can also be sterilised without degrading.

Production of wine

Silicone tubing is used in wine production because the liquids passing through the tubing, like in other areas of food production, must not be tainted by the tubing itself. It should also be able to withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as be non-stick so that the wine does not become clogged.

Vending of Beverages

Platinum Cured Silicone Tube is an excellent all-arounder that is frequently used in commercial drinks vending machines. Because of its clarity and neutrality, which ensures that taste is not compromised, this tubing is ideal for all types of vending applications.



Food grade silicone tubing is also used in beer production facilities to transport liquids without the risk of tainting. Apart from safety concerns, this is also important from a brewing standpoint, as the beer-making process necessitates liquid filtration and blending, as well as thorough cleaning of the pipes afterwards. The material has no effect on the taste of the beer.

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