Best vlog editing apps in 2020

Vlog editing apps play a vital role in editing and stabilizing the videos for professional and personal use as well. These days, people are using their smartphones for making videos and posting them online. Due to the stability factor, the videos or images captured by the smartphones may appear blurred. Sometimes, due to shaking of the hand, the videos do not appear to be in the perfect way it should. To fix these errors, we use vlog editor apps which makes the work easy and accurate. Here we will discuss some of the best vlog editor apps.


Quik app is a top-rated app for editing vlogs and is available to install on both Android and iOS platforms. It has a feature to share your content in high definition to your social media accounts. It has a variety of graphics that the users can apply to the content according to their selection.

Magisto Video Editor 

Magisto Video Editor is another free video editing app and is also very common among the users who love to make videos and share them on social networking sites. It can be run on both Android and iOS platforms. It is beneficial in saving your time by editing your content smartly. Magisto itself performs most of the tasks.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the video editing apps, which is also available to install on Android and iOS platforms. It has several unique features as compared to all other apps, but some of its features are restricted to its subscribed version. You can record videos using this app and edit them either after recording or by uploading the previously recorded video.


Splice is a most featured vlog editing app which is only available for the iOS platform. It provides different kinds of features to the user. It allows the user to record a slow-motion video and then make changes by editing it later. It also allows the user to overlap a song on the current audio of the video. One can do this by using the available songs in the library of the app or by adding your own.


InShot is another Vlog editing app available in the market and runs on both the Android and iOS platforms. It is also available on a free-trial period and chargeable after that. It allows users to edit their images or videos by using its unique tools for editing. It is widely used in image cropping and repositioning.


iMovie is a video editing and sharing app that works only on the iOS platform. As anyone can easily guess from the name iMovie, this app is primarily used to transfer the audios and videos between iPhones, iPads, and other iOS supported devices. It also has very excellent tools for editing images and videos.

Anchor Videos

Anchor Videos is another iOS-based vlog editing app to edit all the videos and images on those devices which run on the Apple iOS platform. Due to its capability of supporting only iOS devices, it has some restrictions imposed on the users. It also has less video editing options as compared to other video editing apps. It is still useful for some of the features available on the iOS platform.


Vizmato is one of the best vlog editing apps which is available to install on both the Android and iOS supporting devices. It is used to record a video in high definition because it has an HD video recorder. You can also customize your text by typing it on the videos. It allows the user to add emoticons to a video before saving it for sharing.


VidLab is the most commonly used video editing app and it also works only on the iOS platform. It has a beautiful feature of letting the user add the images and make a slideshow of them to present it on any social networking site. It is widely used to wish someone’s important date by making a slideshow of their images by adding effects and audio to them.


FilmoraGo is another free vlog editing app. It is available for both Android and iOS supporting devices. It is the most widely used application by professional vloggers. It provides excellent editing tools. It has a feature to edit and enhance the colors of any image, and it can also increase the brightness or the contrast of the images.

These are the best vlog editing apps that are most widely used by users. Nowadays, these apps are playing a very crucial role in helping users by fixing errors and making their videos and slideshows without any blurriness. These apps are also being used professionally in today’s digital world.

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