Best Way To Make LinkedIn Video ads In 2022

Best Way To Make LinkedIn Video ads In 2022

Close Your Video with A Strong Call to Take Action


A call to action or CTA is a call to action that prompts your viewers to take any action, such as clicking to go to a landing page (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) that allows them to buy your product or fill in a form for an answer. You can place this at the end of your video and under your LinkedIn advert using a clickable button.



To differentiate yourself from the standard “learn more” or “register today”, Make your CTA distinct for your company and match it to the primary message of your advertising. Be sure that the step users need to complete is evident and isn’t lost.



Include your call to action in the middle of your film. The viewers who watched your story from beginning to final minute are likely to be intrigued and would like to find out what they need to do to obtain what they want. It’s the perfect method for engaging your viewers and taking them on a journey to success.


Be responsive and engage with your audience.


Build trust by genuinely engaging with your audience. Alongside monitoring the performance, it is also essential to review your comments. Your video is just an unimportant piece of content regarding your product or service on LinkedIn. It doesn’t explain all the details, and people will hear about your company at first. There will be some comments or questions from viewers.



Make sure to pay attention and answer all questions. You may even have the chance to request an endorsement or use positive feedback on your website or the next video advertisement campaign. Be aware that you must seek permission before using the words of someone else.



If your customers are already engaging positively with your company and your brand, look at campaigns that promote the brand’s popularity. You can, for instance, make use of this type of engagement and create campaigns to create user-generated content to complement the 360-degree marketing plan, where customers share how they have enjoyed their experience with the product.


How to create a Video Ad Campaign on LinkedIn

Step 1 Open Campaign Manager.

Ensure that you’re registered as an administrator on your company’s LinkedIn page and enter your payment method into the Billing centre. Log in to LinkedIn. Click Advertise at the top right to launch Campaign Manager.



Step 2: Create a Campaign Group

Choose the account you linked with your business page in the Campaign Manager interface. Click Campaigns. Within the Campaigns menu, you can click Create and choose Campaign Group. Choose a name for your campaign. Add your Budget and Schedule to your Campaign Group. Click to create.



Step 3: Develop an ad campaign and choose your Theme

The Campaign Manager will select the Campaign Group you just created and click Create Campaign. Then click Next. Utilize the Edit button at the top left corner to change the name of your campaign. Click here.


Choose the goal for your campaign. This is what you’re trying to reach with your videos. Choose to focus on Awareness, Consideration or Conversions.



Step 4: Simplify Your Audience Target

Click on the LinkedIn Audiences menu to select pre-populated audience suggestions from LinkedIn. They can help target a specific area of interest. It is also possible to narrow your target audience by entering locations. Select Exclude if you do not intend to target people in certain regions.


Under Audiences, it is possible to upload your documents, including contact information for your target audience, to retargeting campaigns. Under Audience attributes, you can fine-tune your audience by choosing the criteria such as Demographics, Company Education, Job Experience Interest, Traits, and so on.


Step 5: Choose the format and location of your ad.

In the Ad format menu, select the option for a video ad. If you don’t wish your advertisements to be displayed on LinkedIn’s partner networks, you can uncheck Enable to enable the LinkedIn Audience Network.


If you’d like to expand beyond LinkedIn and place your ads on other networks, you must Enable LinkedIn Audience Network. LinkedIn Audience Network selected. Choose”Show” Audience Network advanced options to remove categories or upload the block list. Make sure your advertisements don’t appear on inappropriate or competitor websites and mobile apps.



Step 6: Type In Your Budget and Schedule

Use the Budget dropdown menu to create a daily budget or set both a daily and an annual budget and develop a yearly budget.


Choose whether you wish to run your campaigns continuously or if you would like to set the start and end dates. Choose a bidding strategy that is suitable for your campaign. You can select between the highest deliverability, target cost and manual bidding. Select Next.



Step 7: Create Your Video Ad

Click Create a new ad. Input a title, introductory text, as well as the Destination URL. Utilize upload to navigate through your Explorer to upload the video advertisement. You must enter a Headline and a Description copy.


Choose a CTA that is most closely related to your video. The CTA button is displayed beneath the video. Click Create and then Next.



Step 8: Go Over Your Video Ad and Launch Your Campaign

Within the Review & Launch menu, examine your ad settings and the video ads. Click to launch your campaign.



Video has emerged as a potent instrument for advertising and marketing through social media. If LinkedIn is the platform where your intended people spend the most time, you could utilize Campaign Manager to design particular campaigns.



To create a successful advertising campaign, you require a top-quality video that tells a compelling story and calls for action. The best method to tell your story is determined by your brand’s voice and the primary message you wish to convey.



Another option is to make use of high-quality quality stock footage, which is a simple and affordable method of creating several ads to find out what people like about your ads. In design, you can design videos quickly to test several alternatives. Keep track of your results and tweak your ads until you have figured out the best way to reproduce the results for your next campaign.

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