Best Way To Merge MS Publisher Files To PDF

If you can’t afford a high end designing and publishing software or lack the expertise to use it, you will find an easy solution in Microsoft Publisher. Lately, it may have lost its shine, and other seemingly simpler and more advanced apps and software have surpassed it, but it still enjoys a considerable userbase that has kept it afloat for over two decades. Publisher caters to the need of individuals with no design experience and small to medium firMS that aren’t willing to spend much over a professional designer for their publication requirements

As Microsoft Publisher seeks to meet the needs of non-professional graphic designers, its user interface is quite simple. The application is more oriented towards graphics and aesthetics and its template-based approach offers more possibilities in terMS of layout.

To home user or casual designer, Publisher offers very powerful editing tools, that could cater to all their desktop publishing needs. It may not find favor with a professional designer who might choose advance editing software such as the page maker, it still appeals to beginners and non-professionals who do not want to delve deep in design elements, yet want a smooth publication-ready layout.

With Publisher, you can design and edit posters, greeting cards, brochures, newsletters, flyers, reports, or any other documents that have more emphasis on graphics, design, and visual. The program packs a number of editing and designing tools and is equipped with a rich library of pre-defined templates, that enable users to have a professional-looking publication.

Why merge the MS Publisher Files to PDF?

The Publisher is for editing and designing and if its the only requirement you have or if you only want to have the pub file printed, then the Publisher alone is sufficient. However, the problem arises when there is a need to share the Publisher file to someone. In this term, the Publisher offers limited functionality as the pub files are not compatible with other software. This could render pub files unusable on another person’s device.

The best possible solution to tackle this problem is to convert a pub files to Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF format is universal and a file in PDF format can be easily viewed on any platform. To merge the MS Publisher Files to PDF is simple and can be easily achieved both with the help of online PDF convertor or PDF converter applications.

Convert the Publisher files to PDF online

Several online websites offer the free service of converting other files format to PDF. You can use these websites to convert your pub files to the PDF format.

Open a browser and just type the search term, online pub to PDF converter. You will see a number of results. Choose the top results of your liking.

The interface of these online file converters is quite similar to each other. So the method we describe will be common for any such online PDF converter websites.

First, you need to upload the file you want to convert. For this look for the option, choose, or upload files.

After you choose it, the template will let you browse your computer and find the file you want to convert. When you find it click the file to select it. Then click on the upload button.

Once the file is uploaded to the website, you will be prompted to select the output format, choose PDF, and then click on the convert button.

After the conversion is over, you will see a message, that the file is ready to download. Click the download button or the download link to download it on your PC.

Use the Publisher to merge pub files to PDF

You can use the Publisher software itself to save the files in PDF format. The older version of the software lacked this functionality but the newer version allows the users to save the files with .PDF extension.

Just launch the Publisher software and open the file you want in PDF format.

Now click the file option from the menu bar. From the drop-down list choose to save as option.

Specify the location where you want to save the file then click on the arrow button, the save as type menu will open, choose .PDF format.

The Publisher also allows us to add any changes such as the picture resolutions before saving the files. If you want to apply any additional changes, click on the options button or simply click on the Save button to finish saving the file.

This file is now saved in the PDF format and can be viewed easily on any platform that has an application capable of opening PDF files.

Use third party PDF converter applications to merge MS Publisher Files to PDF

You can easily download a third party PDF converter application from the internet to your PC and use it to convert pub files to PDF. The basic functionalities and working of such applications are the same as their online counterpart.

Though the downloaded application has some advantages over the online versions. First, there is no memory restriction. The online converter has a limit on the size of the files you can upload to convert. There are no restrictions on the downloaded application. Also, the files converted through the third party applications are directly saved on your PC, you don’t have to download them.


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