Best Ways To Get Rid of ‘Not Implemented’ Error In Microsoft Outlook







When you encounter a ‘Not Implemented’ error in Microsoft Outlook, there could be several reasons behind it. The reasons could include:

  • Interfering with the Outlook Add-ins
  • Corrupt Outlook Profile
  • Outlook Update issues

And more.

So, to fix Outlook non implemented error, you need to follow a set of guidelines listed here.

What are the Ways to Fix Not Implemented Error in Outlook?

Disable the Add-ins – First, you can disable the interfering add-ins in Outlook. You can do that by launching Outlook in Safe Mode and then opening the Options from File tab. Then click on the Add-ins from the left panel and select Com Add-ins from the dropdown menu and select the GO button. Now, you can uncheck all the options from the list and then hit the OK button.

Create a new Outlook Profile – You should create a new Outlook profile if the last one is corrupted by some means. You have to open the Mail option from the Control Panel and then create a new profile using the simple steps.

Repair the Office – if there is an installation issue with Outlook, then you have to repair it using the installation files. Go to Control Panel and then click on the ‘Uninstall a Program’ link to open the list of installed programs. Select the Office from the list and select Change from the top bar. Now, a new window will open, select the repair option from the list and then click on the Continue button.

So, these will help you in resolving the Not Implemented error in Outlook. If you face further issues, contact the support staff and let them know about the issue you are facing.


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