best ways to make money osrs

That’s a fair point, but even then you’ve the outstanding shills defending these practices who counteract what best ways to make money in osrs you’re referring to. Downvotes to reduce visibility. Among the most major problems is, yeah, the people who stay in the community are generally people who are fine with this or even favor it.

I’ve a question I have been personally struggling to answser at the past few days. I have rediscovered it and began playing much more casually about a month ago. There are a few thigs that I discover that I really don’t like about RuneScape and I find it tough to clarify if RuneScape is addictive and it gets me hooked or when there are things to really enjoy. Unlike RuneScape that I can simply buy and play whenever I like, for RuneScape I have to pay continuously.

c, compared to going into a film, if I had been to play like 4-6hrs per month, the cash would be well worth it. My issue is that it makes me feel that I’m losing something if I do not play for a week or even if I do not find some time to play in a day. What creeps me a little is that RuneScape with microtransactions such as RS has an immediate incentive. The more you wish to achieve a 99/120 along with the more hours you put into RuneScape, the more likely you should spend extra on in.

The freaking grindy nature of RuneScape. At times it feels like the whole purpose of RuneScape is to grind to get a level so you can grind to get a different one so then you can grind to farm a creature for gp and so forth. Is this the fun? Grinding and feeling that you make advancement in an environment much more structured than real life? Also, as playing with RS is really much effort, I really do find myself becoming cognitive dissonance (I really don’t like doing an activity, but I keep doing it because I really believe I’ve already spent time/effort/money to it and I would be losing everything I ceased ).

The simple fact that it is hard to best ways to make money osrs play it casually. I personally find this type if AFK multitasking actually awful, since it makes me tired very fast (shifting attention from a job to the next is particulary tiresome for human beings) and it doesn’t allow me to enjoy and immerse in my other activities, such as work or chatting or watching YouTube. Therefore unless I AFK my way through, I must play a huge number of hours (at least) per month to make any substantial improvement in RuneScape.

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