Best ways to spend your coffee break

Coffee breaks are the ideal time to get up from our computers and do something fun. However, besides making coffee, a lot of people have no clue what to do with that time. Due to that, they spend it scrolling on their phones or replying to emails. However, more productive ways of spending a coffee break exist. 

What can you possibly do in such a short time? Even though you can’t run errands, go grocery shopping or learn a new language, you can afford quick pleasures that will brighten your day. So, what are the best ways to spend a coffee break, whether you’re in the office or working from home?

1. Relax and clear your mind

Firstly, your coffee breaks are ideal to relax and step away from the work stress. Find a nice corner where you can sit back and enjoy your coffee in peace, without screens. Even though most people pick up their phones, more screen time can induce anxiety and upset your mind even more. So, relax and try to meditate for a while. 

Rest your eyes from the screen and be mindful of your surroundings and thoughts. This is also a perfect time to take a short nap if possible. Midday naps can help you reset your brain and come back to work as refreshed as possible! 

2. Do light exercise 

Does your back hurt from sitting all day? Instead of taking another sedentary position, get up and move! 10-20 minute coffee breaks are more than enough for some light office exercise anyone can do. If you’re working from the office, try to find a private spot where you won’t be disturbed during your routine. However, if that is impossible, taking a walk can also benefit you.

A walk outside is an ideal way to breathe in the fresh air and do light exercise. It will activate another part of your brain, while you rest from strenuous work. When you come back from a walk or exercise, you’ll feel more energized, rested, and ready to take on new challenges. 

3. Read a book 

Reading an exciting book can keep you engaged and motivated to finish your work. During your coffee breaks, instead of meaningless chats with colleagues, pick up a book! Books that aren’t related to your work can increase your work engagement and brighten your mood overall. Only 10-15 minutes of reading can help you reset your brain and start anew after the break.

When choosing a suitable book for your coffee break ensure it’s something light you can process. Bring an e-reader or an actual book to escape reality even for a short time. 

4. Prepare a snack

A healthy mind in a healthy body is the way to live by! Since we need food to maintain our health, a coffee break is an ideal time to prepare a snack. It’s commonly known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet a lot of people skip it as they rush to work. Use the coffee break time to prepare something to eat. What can it be?

It all depends on your location. For instance, if you’re at home, possibilities are endless, but make sure you opt for a healthy variant. On the other hand, employees have limited options for working from the office. If the employer doesn’t purchase breakroom snacks, fruit, nuts or similar light yet nutritious food is ideal to get you by until lunch! 

5. Have fun with your colleagues

Hanging out with colleagues is the most popular way to spend a break. Many individuals head to the coffee shop together, chat in the break room or take a walk. Having fun with colleagues can help you get your mind off of work and share your concerns regarding some issues. However, if you want true fun during the break with colleagues, consider something extra.

For instance, you can play video games online or in a game room if you have it. You could also indulge in sports by live betting on your favorite teams! Possibilities are endless and all these activities will bond you as a team. So, use your break to get to know your colleagues better. 

6. Tidy up your space

Let’s face it, cleaning and tidying up is probably the last thing you’d want to do during your coffee break. It’s usually bothersome and we procrastinate it as much as possible. However, cleaning up your desk and decluttering your space can be beneficial for you and your productivity. This is not yet another mom’s advice that will make you clean up your room. How is it good for you?

When cleaning your desk, you’re staying away from the screen and work stress, which is helping your mind relax. You’re shifting your focus to something trivial and minimizing stress at the same time. On top of that, tidying up your desk removes dust specs, which may be the main cause of your health issues. 

Final thoughts

Coffee breaks allow you to express your individuality in a professional environment. This is the time you’re allowed to be more informal and have some fun. If you use your coffee break smartly, you’ll rest as well as get physically fit, make new friends, or read something new! 

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