Best Wheelchairs For Traveling: Top 3 Electric Power Wheelchairs To Consider

Purchasing a wheelchair for everyday use is something that many people put a lot of thought into. However, when it comes to purchasing one to take with you on the road, it becomes even more difficult. For this reason, many people end up deciding not to bring their power wheelchair with them on travel at all.

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

There are three main types of electric wheelchairs: folding, standard, and heavy duty. Folding power chairs are the most portable type of wheelchair and are ideal for short distances or going over small obstacles. Standard power chairs are larger and heavier than foldable models, but offer more stability and power. Heavy duty power wheelchairs are the largest type of electric wheelchair, and can accommodate people of all sizes. They offer the most stability and comfort, but are not as portable as folding or standard wheelchairs.

How to Choose the Best Wheelchair

If you’re looking for the best wheelchair for traveling, then you’ll want to consider an electric power wheelchair. These wheelchairs are specifically designed for people who need a little extra help getting around. They’re also great for people who want to be able to travel without having to worry about their wheelchair.

There are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing an electric power wheelchair. First, you’ll want to make sure that the wheelchair is comfortable for you. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s durable and easy to maneuver. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the wheelchair is lightweight and portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, then you’ll be able to choose the best electric power wheelchair for your needs.

Top 3 Electric Power Wheelchairs To Consider

Here are some wheelchairs that we would recommend to buy while traveling around :

  1. WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair

    This wheelchair is really lightweight and can be folded in under 3 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about the wheelchair dragging you behind schedule.

  2. Travel Buggy CITY 2 Plus Folding Power Chair

    The Travel Buggy CITY 2 Plus Wheelchair can travel up to 25 km per charge and has a max speed of 7 km/h with 5 different speed settings. This makes it ideal for those long days outside the house when you’re traveling, shopping, or just visiting friends.

  3. Travel Buggy Vista Folding Power Chair

    The Vista folds up like a lawn chair in just seconds – and with a total weight of only 50 lbs. with the battery removed, it can be easily lifted into the back of a car, van, truck, taxi, or Uber.

You can find all these power wheelchairs for sale at and you can see for yourself what other features these wheelchairs pack.


If you’re looking for the best wheelchair for traveling, then an electric power wheelchair is definitely worth considering. They offer a lot of features that make them ideal for travel, such as being lightweight and portable. Plus, they can be used on a variety of terrain, making them perfect for exploring new places.

So if you’re looking for a wheelchair that will allow you to travel with ease, then an electric power wheelchair is definitely the way to go. Be sure to check out our top three picks to find the perfect one for your needs.

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