Beware of Fake Reviews & Facts Against Sachin Marya on the Web

The power of the internet has plucked the human kind right from their reserved local neighborhood to a bigger global scene. This was a bold step which worked in favor of the world and the economy on every level. While the internet acquaints everyone on a global level, it was social media that brought them closer. These free platforms are a great way to build your cyber presence and connect with your audience on a first name basis. This is a big branding bazooka which can forge empires out of daily posts and videos. However, there is a dark side to it too.

The big issue about social media and the internet is it’s no holds barred nature. One can post anything, about anyone, from anywhere in the world. There is no credibility check for the information provided and sometimes things go wrong. One such example is with the prestigious budding empire Franchise India. The organization is known to create opportunities for business owners and a galore of franchising solutions. Their website is the bible for young entrepreneurs, start-ups, retail, and wholesale businesses. To be honest, it’s the best in the business right now, but recently it’s gaining some hate on social media.

The brand was subjected to what you call negative publicity on social media. People bad mouthed Franchise India and its hard-working CEO Sachin Marya out of the blue. There was complaint after complaint and share after share, kind of how social media works. But all these complaints had no basis and were vaguely worded for no specific reason. The next thing you see are other people influenced by these fake reviews and following their lead.

Franchise India’s hard-earned reputation is at stake now. This negative campaign is a black magic trick from its competition. They want Franchise India to drop the ball and step down from their role as the market leader. The bad Sachin Marya reviews too is an offspring to the same thing. It’s an old tactic, what will you do to bring an empire down? Simple, you kill the king. So, by targeting the CEO they are throwing shots at the face of an empire.

Many genuine customers and people who have gained decent businesses from franchise India are taking a stand for the company with positive reviews. You need to identify the genuine reviews from these fake complaints and make an opinion then.

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