Bid Adieu to Cable Girls Series

Cable Girls television series has been by far the most-watched and loved five-season show on Netflix. It is a Spanish period drama set in the late 1920s that stars Anna Fernandez, Blanca Suarez, Nadia de Santiago, and Maggi Civantos. It first aired on 28th April and its last season premiered this month.

The series shows the story of the lives of four women named Lidia, Carlota, Maria, and Angeles and how their life changes after they start working for a company that offers them some independence and decent salary. Viewers also get to see the relationship of the characters with their families, love partners, and their memories. Soon, all the four independent characters develop a close friendship among them and form a group. Along with that, the show brings light to the hardships that a working woman had to face in the 1920s Spain, and the restrictions they had under the Spanish patriarchal society.


This series is one of the longest-running series on Netflix, and with time it has gained glory and praise from the viewers. It brings feminist views and explores the concept of sisterhood, female independence, gender identity, and suffrage. It touches diverse topics connected to women and their life during the 1920s. This soap opera show displays progressive views and issues ahead of its time. The cast and creators of the show have received a lot of love from everyone around the world, but unfortunately, they will not come back with another season. The fifth season that’s divided into two parts is the last season that the Netflix subscribers will get to see. The creator doesn’t want to ruin the storyline by bringing back another season.

The main plot of the story revolves around the Cifuentes’ National Telephone Company that hires women as switchboard operators, and the men get to do the management, engineering, and accounting tasks. The four main characters of the show meet each other at this company. Maria, Carlota, and Angeles took this job to gain independence from the men in their lives, while Lidia’s reason for joining the post was to seek protection from the law. All these women found profound friendship in each other’s companion at work and fought the barriers imposed on them by the patriarchs. They also found love, but amid all the incidences, they found the exceptional qualities hidden beneath their skin and the power was their awareness and strength to voice their opinions in a society that had caused women to suffer terribly.

This show redefined the quality of a soap opera. Along with feminist views, this show also educates the society about the sufferings of the women. It shows a mirror to the history that caused women to suffer for years. It evokes empathy and nurtures our minds with knowledge and eye-opening scenes.
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