Biden Administration Mandates Nursing Home Disclosures

The Biden administration has recently taken an historic and necessary step to increase transparency in the nursing home industry by requiring additional disclosures regarding the ownership of nursing homes.  The administration has also announced a commitment to improving the quality of nursing home care.  Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra announced that the ownership data is part of the agency’s “unprecedented steps” to meet Biden’s goal of improving quality of care in the nation’s nursing homes.

This is an important first step in the right direction, explains nursing home attorney Jeffrey J. Downey.  During the Trump administration we witnessed policies like the roll back of an Obama regulation that prohibited nursing homes from requiring mandatory arbitration clauses upon admission.  Nursing home patients shouldn’t have to waive their right to sue in Court if a facility causes injury or death.  During the Covid-19 pandemic nursing facilities were among the deadliest places to be located.

Private nursing home chains have been known to set up complicated corporate structures to insulate themselves from civil liability from malpractice and Medicare False Claims Act cases.  Biden’s requirement of ownership disclosures will help the government and victims of nursing home neglect hold the right people legally responsible.  Based on Secretary Becerra’s announcement, we can expect more data to be publicly available, which also helps residents select the correct nursing home.  For tips on how to select the right nursing home, click below. (

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